The HQ Messes - This affects all Offrs & Snrs, please read!!

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Danny_Dravot, Jan 17, 2007.

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  1. With HQ RLC, DRLC, museum et al moving to wales, what's going to happen to the 2 HQ/central Messes?

    No doubt, the defence training academy will be grey (well purple!), faceless and a homogeous blob of Messes with no Corps identity there?

    Will there be plans to build a new HQ mess there? Can we keep the Bellew Rd and PRB messes...or is it a truck-a-thon to wales for every dinner night?

    Does anybody know / care / bright ideas?
  2. GB,

    No answer to your question but I very much doubt if the retention of the current messes is on the cards. The site has probably been sold off as a complete package less any trg area reqd for Pirbright.

    Will there be funding for stand-alone RLC Messes in St Athan? Probably not. The best that we can reasonably expect is something along the lines of the Colchester PFI model, where several units share the same building but with discete dining/ante rooms and bars.

    Option might be to use Grantham (assuming that its not part of this project) At least it's within striking distance of most of our UK based Corps members.

  3. G-B,

    A very good point. I feel that as a Corps we are still struggling somewhat to have any real form of corporate identity. The movement of our only 'real' centre of gravity into some amorphous purple mass will only serve to dilute our heritage and make us less proud of our Corps.

    We might as well block book the Travel Lodge outside Cardiff at the Culverhouse Cross Motorway services. At least we can then have our own home.
  4. For all its faults (shabby accomodation, hot water etc), the HQ mess really is the Gold standard of all messes, the art work, medal room etc will be difficult to replicate in a side-room of a 'super mess'!
  5. Grantham seems a good idea!
  6. For many reasons Grantham is an excellent idea.

    1. Large RLC presence there already with established messes and command tasks, etc.

    2. 10 mins off the A1.

    3. Just over an hour to London by train (more straight-forward than from Deepcut).

    4. It is closer to our stronger recruiting grounds in the north.

    5. No other fcuker wants it.
  7. Or Aldershot if the School of Concrete Mixing stays put?
  8. Or DST perhaps?
    Although thats a shabby old mess, sorry RSM, a lot of connections to RLC.

    Or Abingdon?
  9. I heard years ago that Abingdon was classed as a core site and isn't a super garrison.

    Also, it's a sh1t-hole.
  10. Whats a core site?
  11. IIRC, it is the term Defence Estates used for places that had a future and would remain funded.

    Things have probably moved on. Could have been superceded, might have needed capitals.
  12. OK.
    More I think about it the more Abingdon stands out. It has already hosted Corps size functions. Pub night was a blinder.
  13. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Abingdon or maybe even Bicester?

    Corps museum in St Athan! Even less attendance than now and as for the Corps open day..........

    Corps museum could be relocated with the military vehicle collection (formerly at Beverly) but where I don't know.
  14. The DTR Package included the costs to move DRLC and the museum, but the HQ Messes are there not to support the Corps (that is their main purpose we know - but not as far as the bean counters are concerned), but to provide accomodation for the training. Therefore, unless we highjack another Mess as has been proposed by others, we will be stuck with an anteroom in the main mess in St Athan - that is all there is in the Statement of Requirement. We will have to fight with all the others to hold Corps Dinner Nights - which I suspect will now have to be held on the road - Abingdon/Catterick and Germany (?) while we still retain a prescence there.

    The battle has been fought and lost - we will just have to make the best of a bad job. Apparantly tradition counts for nothing these days and don't blame the polititians for this blame our v senior officers - not I hasten to add - anyone in the RLC.

    It wil be interesting to see where DRLC goes. I can't see St Athan being very user friendly.
  15. That is my understanding too!