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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tuffy52, Apr 19, 2012.

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  1. The House of Lords should be disbanded.
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  2. HHH

    HHH LE

    Are there not enough criminals in Salford already, without importing more ?
  3. Well, I suppose moving the Lords up there would help gentrify the place a bit. Its full of lowlife criminals and thugs since the BBC moved to The Quays. Must say I'd love to see Lord Mandy of Darkness walk into the Spreadeagle in Ordsall and order a spritzer....
  4. Either that, or, a wholly elected second chamber with limited powers of revision and proposing important legislation.
    The term "Lords" should be done away with and something similar to senate instituted.
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  5. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Bare in mind that these are people who think less than £26,000 per year is abject poverty and £300 per day is normal expences for a day in the house.
    Take them away from there and it could kill some off them.
  6. Oooh yes! More elected officials, the current set of party clones and politically appointed peers have proved so effective.

    Line up a set of backbenchers, publish their CVs with political party lines excised, and I'll bet a pound to a pinch of pigshit that the average man in the street would be hard put to distinguish the men from the women, let alone which party or political view is their own. Greedy lying scum the lot of them.

    At least the hereditary peers tend to have some committment to the UK and are less likely to follow theparty line for a job at Brussels. Baroness Ashton anyone?
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  7. Personally I'd keep the Lords. Unpopular but there you go.
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  8. Well, moving it to Salford would solve the Cash for Peerages at a stroke. Nobody would want to be a pseudo-Lord in that place.
    Bring back the "real" Lords. Much better to have us ruled over by the likes of the Marquess of Blandford and the Marquess of Bath. The first in nick for drug taking, the second has (d?) "wifelets". Unlike Lord Archer, Lord Ahmed and Lord Taylor, all in nick for either lying or stealing from the public.
  9. Every now and then Mr_deputy says something that makes sense. This is one of those occasions. Well done. Pass the canapés, please?

    As for the House of Lords, where would we be without them, eh? The senior house that is supposed to stop the government of the day from riding roughshod over common sense and the electorate. Where were they when we needed them, when Brown was selling gold like it was a boot sale, when Blair was declaring war on Iraq for no other reason that he wanted to fill his own bank account. I could go on.

    But the house of bloody Lords was so intent on getting its own snout in the trough, they did bugger all.

    And the majority of them still do bugger all except fill their own pockets.

    Give them to a newly independent Scotland as a gift with my compliments.
  11. Errr... the hereditary peers are a minority [92] less than twenty percent and their effectiveness is being further diminished by the creation of new party donors -sorry noble life peers- since the HoL Act of 1999.
    Noblesse oblige has long gone, as the grasping at the greasy pole by dodgy monied plutocrats wanting to become peers.
    If there is to be a revising second chamber then imho it should be held accountable to the electorate and not self-electing by the purchase of a seat on red leather - the Groucho, Sloan Club etc has enough of these new 'nobles', but hardly makes them the sort who should be determining laws of the land.
  12. Its fine the way it is. Its less biased that if it where elected. more to the point i for one would not like to see an American style system of grid lock in what ever government we have.
  13. I was thinking back to the days before Lloyd George got his hands on them followed by further emasculation of their powers. Up until the end of the last century, now they are like the monarch, theoretically a check on govt intentions but only if they don't do anything.

    I do base my opinion of them on the trial scene from 'Kind Hearts and Coronets' I was very disappointed to find they don't wear Ermine as working dress.