The Hotel Inspector.....Would you??

Sitting here watching Ruth Watson & I gets as stiring in the loins...You know,she's quite shagable...
Do I need help or would you do her too???
You are disgusting. She wouldn't get even an AA rating! Although if you are willing to - there's one less monster on the loose.
Stokey said:
I'd love to do her in one of her care in the community/old lady coats, while she criticises my service.
Does she have to wear boots?
Put a paper bag on her head, where there's a hole there's a goal!
As the old saying goes "I've had worse and enjoyed it".
blue_sophist said:
No ...

Fat arrse.
Bad teeth.
Pushy personality.
Cnut ....

OK, 1/5 might do, but preferably not. ;-)
Fcuk me wife material Run BadUn and don't look back. I withdraw my previous "would"

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