"The Hospital" - C4 2100hrs, Tue 14 Apr

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by chasndave, Apr 14, 2009.

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  1. Has anyone else just watched this? Jesus H Christ. My respect for ANYONE who works in the NHS in any capacity has just gone up 38,000-fold. I mean, having to deal with a "client base" like this day in, day out, they should get a billion percent pay rise.
    And I feel strangely attracted to the old Irish gynaecologist........

  2. why thankyou

    oh you mean nurses & doctors
    not us IT bods who sit on their arrses reading arrse all day

    saw bits of it too
    chavvy bastards most of them were

    nah love, signing on at the dole office doesn't mean you work in government

    fucks sake, sew their fucking fanny flaps shut
    idle scrounging thick as a whale omlette cunts
  3. NO, I didn't just mean nurses and doctors!!!!!! Anyone in any capacity I said! If you can deal with scum like that on a professional basis you are a better man than I, my friend

    You're right about the tailoring aspect though!!!
  4. to be honest i don't tend to see any grief apart from dozy medics who can't use email or passwords
    but the crap the porters & security get is fucking frightening sometimes!
  5. I have to agree with you on that one, I did a placement on a medical ward last year and one bay was put aside for the drinkers with liver failure and other drink related problems :evil: It was staffed by a male nurse, 2 male student nurse's a male HCA (big cnut too) and a 24 hr security guard.
    It was deemed a little intimidating for the girls so we had the honour of sorting these cnuts out.
    And it was fcukin scary when one of them kicked off.
  6. Mrs Fat_Cav is, by choice, doing her two week elective for her Midwifery degree at a specialist teenage pregnancy unit in London.

    We watched the program last night and it's not far off what she's experienced so far in other teen units in the area she's studying. She said what you didn't see last night was the drug abuse, the sexual and emotional abuse from relatives and partners, the utter neglect of their surroundings and the babys needs (Midwifery extends to area's long after the actual birth).

    I was surprised but not shocked at these useless no-hopers moaning about pain, giving up smoking and the absence of any boyfriends. Most seem to be just above ameoba on the food chain.

    They all come across as ill-educated, obese, and 9/10 on the chav scale. Is this our future? The fuinniest part was all the stupid names they seem to give their dopey off-spring. Malakai? Very tastfull!!

    Also the huge bint with the equally stupid boyfreind
    Interviewer "Do you think a month was too soon to start thinking about having a baby"
    Thick Boyfreind - After pause to digest question "No!"

    OK then, No job, No house, No fecking future, let's have a baby. I'm sure that the council will house us, Da Daa! A house. Even Mr Ben isn't that shagging good!!

    I'm sure that Single Mum is a career option in most of the UK schools. I'm also surprised it's on so late, I would expect the yoof to user it as a training video.

    Rant over.
  7. Spent the whole time shouting at the telly - couldn't believe what I was watching. How the Irish Doc and the midwife didn't tell these fat chav where to go... Depressing viewing!
  8. I did a stint in Dereford hospital and when I was there I was allowed to observe on the maternity ward. I was 17 at the time and it was the most eye opening experience I had ever had, every girl from 13 should bear witness to a maternity ward, that would bring teen pregancies down.

    I will never ever forget the sound of a baby being born addicted to smack, it is the most chilling, horrific scream I have ever heard, it made me feel physically sick and I had to remove myself from the room when the mother started screaming for the newborn to drowned, shouting "take the fcuking thing away from me, get it away and drown it, its screaming is doin my fcukin head in". Seriously shocking stuff especially considering how young I was, nevertheless I took contraception pretty seriously after that.
  9. I broke my arm ten days ago.I have nothing but praise for ALL the boys and girls that looked after me.They do a fantastic job.Not sure I could do it.
    And as for the the wee Thai nurse..............I hadn't realised that buttering toast could be quite so erotic!
  10. is that what they call it nowadays
    and how many time did she butter your toast?
  11. It's back on again, this time looking at obesity amongst teenagers.

    You've got to admire some of the goals in life and motivation going on here; "I want to be like Jordan, all slim with big boobs"

    Glad we pay tax & NI for this.......................
    (Sorry for sounding like a Mail reader!)
  12. Jesus wept!! I watched last weeks and looking forward to another installment to the Jeremy Kyle pre training program....and im not disappointed so far!
    The fat slag lookalikey, all her fecking family are obese...."i didnt realise Hob Nobs were that high in calories"!!!
    Gastric Band and the Dr is saying she hasnt eaten correctly prior to Op. In that case then, until she pays up for the Op, the Band wont be loosened to allow her to eat......anything!! :twisted:

    Classic, aforementioned bint recovering on her bed after band fitted...obese husband sitting in chair next to bed eating a family bag of crisps!!! :roll:
  13. Basically i work as a Paramedic and know the hospitals shown in the first episode well. I've got to a stage where i'm so sick and tired of dealing with peoples social problems instead of people who really need our help that i will be leaving the job for pastures new pretty soon.

    Had enough!!
  14. nutty-bag, my dad is also a paramedic and has had a man who was pissed but angry with it try and attack him with a knife thinking he was the copper who had arrested him for drunk and disorderly the week before...having said that my dad for some strange reason loves his job! Completely and utterly strange and uncomprehensible to me!

    Couldn't watch tonights episode after the frustration at last weeks. I have no idea why this new breed generation feels this is their way forward and is their option for 'success'!

    You've got to admire some of the goals in life and motivation going on here; "I want to be like Jordan, all slim with big boobs" How do they think she paid for it? Oh I know...the money tree that our tax goes towards, must honestly be how they believe this happens. Obviously no other explanation is there...just want to run up to these types, poke them in both eyes and kick them in the shins really hard purely for my own pleasure/benefit for taking whatever the country can throw at them in handouts!