The Horse at the Gates, by DC Alden

Britain in 2042 is a far different place to the green & pleasant land that we once called home. Now part of an ever-expanding EU ‘superstate’ its treasured island status has long since slipped away, the once-fierce independence that inspired awe and respect throughout the world, gobbled away by a cancerous Brussels and willingly sacrificed by a new breed of politico that makes Cameron & Blair look positively Churchillian. Our economy has collapsed, the Afghan war has lumbered into painful, humiliating defeat and tribal Taliban warlords now dictate policy to a faltering UN army of ‘transition’. Abroad, our allies have deserted us; an angered America voicing its disgust at our shameful surrender to the alters of political correctness and an increasingly strident, militant Islamic ‘pride & justice’ movement sweeping British shores.

As unmanned police surveillance drones monitor our every move and packs of ‘Civil Enforcement Officers’ roam the streets, looking for signs of ‘hate-speech’ and ‘suspicious gatherings’, new Emergency Powers acts are being enshrined everyday and Britain sleepwalks into a police-state like existence. A cold chasm opens up between the police, the public and their leaders, and piece by piece, peaceful harmonies and old friendships are ground down to bone.

But the worst is yet to come as a vengeful seed of fifty years planning bears fruit…

Pakistan is plunged into an artfully manipulated, yet devastating civil war, and Britain suffers horrendous twin-attacks – by right-wing extremists, or so it seems – on Downing St. and a revered, newly-built ‘Super Mosque’. A mood of national mourning, guilt-ridden angst and downright panic is seized upon to enforce a crackdown on ‘dissent and hate crimes’, both real and imaginary. An emboldened Turkey and mortally offended Egypt, now key EU members, demand that Britain open its borders to the millions of displaced refugees and sign the controversial Treaty of Cairo, recognising the authority of the European Islamic Congress and granting special rights to all displaced Islamic nationals – victims of Britain’s imperialist past and present ‘anti-Islamic’ policies. A small cadre of British politicians attempt to resist but are swept aside by fair means and foul, by the charismatic new voice that anoints himself as the champion of a new, beautifully diverse and increasingly Muslim friendly Britain (he’ll make sure of it). He is the voice of hope; some say one day he’ll be the President of Europe: step forward Prime Minister Tariq Saeed.

This book is a worthy follow-up to DC Alden’s cult-classic ‘Invasion’, that takes a more ‘British’ viewpoint on the coming troubles and likely battles we might be fighting against radical Islam, focussing instead on the daily impact in the UK, unlike Invasion’s world-wide scope. Whereas in Invasion he focuses on the revolutions and battles, in this work his thesis is tighter, leaner, sharper and more political. The Trojan Horse analogy, via increasing Islamic influence in UK & EU politics and government, and creeping power, is a timely and terrifying warning we’d do well to heed. Congratulations to Tyler Press for having the courage to publish this brave and well-written book. And thank you too, DC.


The nightmare scenario, feared for so long by western governments, has finally come to pass - a nuclear bomb destroys Pakistan's capital Islamabad, plunging the region into chaos and forcing millions to seek sanctuary in the west. Europe's favourable asylum policies allow many to settle, while many more linger in huge refugee camps on Europe's border, waiting for the opportunity to enter the Promised Land. In Whitehall, Prime Minister Gabriel Bryce is increasingly concerned about the unending flow of refugees into Britain. Deeply troubled by reports of religious violence and crumbling communities, Bryce is determined to implement tough new immigration legislation to reverse the danger and restore order to the streets of Britain. However, before he can announce his decision a car bomb destroys Downing Street, leaving hundreds dead and wiping out most of the Cabinet. To the north of London a simultaneous explosion levels one of England's biggest mosques, triggering a storm of condemnation and protest from across the Islamic world. As Bryce recovers in a private London hospital, the biggest manhunt Britain has ever seen gets underway. The prime suspect is ex-soldier Danny Whelan, a disgruntled loner implicated in both atrocities who is forced to go on the run to escape the tightening noose. When the dust begins to settle over Whitehall and a new government is finally sworn in, both Bryce and Whelan begin to realise that a powerful conspiracy is at work, one that has quietly targeted western governments for decades. At the heart of that conspiracy is Tariq Saeed, former Cabinet minister and a key player in Britain's fledgling administration. To consolidate his growing power Saeed only has to remove Bryce from the public eye before he can manoeuvre the UK into a controversial treaty, one that will finally unlock the gates of Europe. Once signed, the resulting power shift will mark the end of the old continent, transforming its face for all time

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