Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Resurgam, Jan 6, 2009.

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  1. How high would you have to be for your horizon to be 16km away?
    I am looking at the new MSTAR that DRS are offering with a range of 42km against a MBT. How high would you need to be to see an MBT at that range. Plexter do a shorter range FMCW radar, blighter 400, that has a range of 16km against a MBT and I wondered if the 42 km range was a waste of energy in many ways?
  2. By the wonder of Google, lots of sites about this type of problem from Jolly Jack, but using nautical miles and feet.

    However, on my calcs working from:

    Distance to the horizon with the antenna height of 121 feet:
    (√121ft) * 1.23 = 13.53 nm

    I get 340 ft or roughly 104 metres.

    Note that radar waves do bend somewhat around the earth's curvature.

    Have a look at:

    note that 1 nm is usually taken as 1852 metres.
  3. Thank you very much indeed.
  4. Basic height of eye to the horizon works fine at sea but on land you are realy looking at the height differentce between the objects assuming a clear line of sight, and either object can be the high one. I can regularly see 42 km looking at the hills around where I live, assuming the vis is OK.
  5. Captain_Crusty

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    Saw the blighter in action recently - not convinced at all. Gucci digital mapping screen but the small version had about a 10m range and the larger version is not an act of war as a bit of portable OP equipment (good on FOBs though?).

  6. Hope it was more than 10m!

    They quote up to 8km for the 202 and 16km for the 4 series with a 32 km one on its way.

    Bit worried now about its abilities. A little dicky bird tells me we may have bought some.

    Where did you see it, can you tell me? I am seriously interested. We have just been briefed by the company and they are offering a demo on both flat and v hilly/mountainous terrain.