The Home Office has not just lost control

So what else is new?

We had 4 million bogus NI numbers circulating 4 years ago, it's probably more now! :wink:
The governemtn was keen on plenty of immigration, as once they're made citizens a lot of immigrants tend to vote labour (statistically, i'm not saying it's in any way universal). So more labour voters. But they didn't plan for is having to account to the public for the results. Add to recent immigrants the massive number of state sector employees, who, not being stupid, won't vote themseves out of a job, and all the people in Scotland and wales who are insulated form the stupidity of Labour's policies by devolution, but can still vote themin, and voila! a perpetual labour state that's nigh on impossible to shift. You could admire it for it's ingenuity if it wasn't so evil.

Rant over, and off to lunch