The Hogfather

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by theiftaker, Dec 19, 2006.

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  1. Anybody watch this on Sky at the weekend? Taped it to watch later, Any good? :skull:
  2. It is definitely of benefit to have read the book prior to watching.
  3. Excellent. Even Pratchett got a cameo in it.
  4. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    More importantly, has anyone saved it on DVDRW? I'm a big Terry Pratchet fan and bloody well missed it due to work.

    PM me! (postage and price of discs refunded!)
  5. I watched part 1 on sunday, have rest taped on Sky HD for the weekend. Must admit, not totally wowed by it. I could never really understand why they decided to do a Discworld novel that was so far down the storyline. So much depth is missing :(
  6. It's on again monday.
  7. I never read the book, but I really liked this! The atmosphere is great and the characters are wonderful.

    Fugly, it is on bittorrent -->

    I am sure part 2 will be available soon as well because it is already on UKnova.

    I am not saying you should download the show as that would be an infringement of copyright. However, that is where you can download should you be an immoral, unethical and completely unwholsome bloke.
  8. Part 1 on Sky 1 @ 1300 Xmas day
    Part 2 on Sky 1 @ 1300 Boxing day

    both are on multistart according to the sky planner but that may just be cut and paste from the first showing when they deffinately were multi start.
  9. With a spell they will reverse.
  10. Well I started watching it but couldnt see it through....

    I do like Pratchett - having recently read 'Going Postal' and 'Monstrous Regiment' after a gap of many years since I read 'The Colour of Magic' and the rest..

    but I feel his (Pratchetts) humour & wit come across better via the written word and are not best suited to the medium of Moving Pictures! (haha - do you see what I did there, clever eh..)

    Can see why they chose The Hogfather as it gives them a neat Christmas tie-in, but do think an earlier offering of T.P's work would have been easier on folks that are not au fait with Discworld.

    Havent read the Hogfather book so cannot offer up a comparision to that story or some of the characters therein - but I did not like the actors version of Mr. Teatime at all, seemed very overdone and hammed up.... but maybe that's the way he is meant to be.
  11. Inspired TV. I loved it!
  12. I've never actually read any of the books but I did watch it and thought it was pretty good entertainment.
  13. daz

    daz LE

    try :D
  14. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Ooooh Chaps,

    [MOD HAT]we're against illegally downloading anything and so references to mininova etc are out. Even if they have now got part 2 seeding.[/MOD HAT]
  15. I think that the actor that played Teatime had the physical acting side of things spot on. The thing he got wrong was the voice.

    The other thing that was wrong was that there were supposed to be 5 thieves going with Teatime, they missed out Catseye and Peachy.

    But otherwise I enjoyed it.