Hi Guys,

Not really sure whether this ought to be posted in the NAAFI, but thought to try here because it may be more relevant.

Me - twice married, single again and retired with a modest pension.

Not much luck with ladies of my age group, they all seem to want to trade sex for 'companionship' (i.e. to be looked after, fed, clothed and housed!).

Not into young girls (or so I thought) as ageism seems to be prevalent these days.

So after perusing the InterNet I took up 'The Hobby'.

Two web sites can be Googled, Adultwork for UK and The Erotic Review for USA. (I spend time with friends and relatives there). These are great sites which give the real info.

I honestly can say that I have never had such wonderful experiences. I was always sexually uninhibited in my marriages, but the present day 'providers' are just in a class of their own. You have to be selective, but it gives a whole new outlook on life.

Anybody in a similar situation should try becoming a 'hobbyist' before they get too old!!

I admit it isn't for eveyone, but PM me if you want a load more info.
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