"The Hitman Diaries"

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by TopDogBeasley, May 4, 2004.

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  1. Here's one that might interest people that are trained to kill.
    It's a book that's not incredibly long, and it's by Danny King.

    I'll write my own synopsis of it....

    It's about a hitman, who's been a hitman ever since he was in prison (for stealing womens underwear).
    The guys he works for rate him extremely highly, as their best hitman.
    The hitman is forever trying to find his true love (bless him), but because the organisation consider him as the all time best assasin going, they order him to take out any woman he gets with.
    He finds this out, and slaughters the entire organisation with some minor help from his apprentise.

    That's probably ruined the book now, if you were going to read it....but it's still well worth the read...
    If for no other reason, the other's the editor of 'Mayfair' (the dirty magazine)

    Also by Danny King:
    "The Burglar Diaries"
    "The Bank Robber Diaries"
    and to be published in June, "The Pornographer Diaries"