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The Hitler Surname.

Some fascinating facts on the Hitler surname, and how so many babies that are named after their country's leaders then suddenly start changing their name after their leaders defeat and ultimate downfall.

Link ......... How common is the surname 'Hitler' in Germany/Austria and do any people persevere with it? - Yahoo! UK & Ireland Answers
Considering his real father was Alois Schiklgruber, who was born out of wedlock to Marie Anna Schicklgruber who later married Johann Georg Heidler. Heidler was also variously spelled Hitler. I don't recall if Johann Georg was Alois' father, but he gave him his family name, thus he (Hitler's father) became Alois Heidler or Hitler. Alois' second marriage, to Klara Poelzl, resulted in six children, of which Adolf was the fourth.

The British especially, ever so eager to make Der Führer appear ridiculous, traced his lineage and popularized the idea that his name should be Shicklgruber, a somewhat laughable name, even to the Germans.
Wm. Schirer, Rise and Fall of the Third Reich


Apparently he only had one ball.
He had a lot of guts considering he only had one testicle (technically qualifying him as being "disabled")

God knows what this man would have been capable of had he had a full set !

Do you think he would have qualified for Disability Living Allowance ?

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