The Hitler Surname.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ALVIN, Jan 13, 2011.

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  1. A search on for England reveals a number of Hitlers.
  2. Schicklgruber?

    Not sure there will be very many of them around.
  3. Edward Hitler - comic genius
  4. Considering his real father was Alois Schiklgruber, who was born out of wedlock to Marie Anna Schicklgruber who later married Johann Georg Heidler. Heidler was also variously spelled Hitler. I don't recall if Johann Georg was Alois' father, but he gave him his family name, thus he (Hitler's father) became Alois Heidler or Hitler. Alois' second marriage, to Klara Poelzl, resulted in six children, of which Adolf was the fourth.

    The British especially, ever so eager to make Der Führer appear ridiculous, traced his lineage and popularized the idea that his name should be Shicklgruber, a somewhat laughable name, even to the Germans.
    Wm. Schirer, Rise and Fall of the Third Reich
  5. (of people's names) . . . fick mich ze Germans are organised. :clap:
  6. Apparently he only had one ball.

    I forget where the other one is.....
  7. wasn't himmler somewhat similar
  8. He was similar to Goering who did have two, but they were very small.......

    What about Goebbles?
  9. Wouldn't surprise me a bit if he had none at all.
  10. Bet Adolf isn't a popular name for anyone less than 70yrs old either.
  11. Is Fuhrer baby still acceptable?
  12. He had a sister who kept a low profile.
  13. Kaiser Chiefs seems to be ok and that's nearly 100 years after the conflict, so maybe by 2045 Hitler might be acceptable as a band name.
  14. and a daughter in Wales who keeps a low profile.