The history of the Army Service Corps in the First World War


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We (MLRS Books) are proud to announce that we are about to offer Col Mike Young's exceptional history of the ASC in World War I.
This is the second enlarged edition, and has 406 pages of the most detailed account of the Corps in its first major war. The first edition was highly praised for it scholarship and detail, and this edition has a further 100 photographs of vehicles and equipment added recently by the author.
The volume is a reprint of the first edition with the extra photographs, and includes all tables.
This is simply the best history of the Corps during the First War, and copies are limited.
Price £45.00, but orders received by Sunday night 2359 7 October 2012 will attract a discount of £5.00.
Email us at to reserve a copy and we will apply the discount up to the deadline.

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