The History Of Scotland

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by the_guru, Dec 19, 2009.

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  1. Neil Oliver, the long haired botter is currently spending the licence payers money on a lavish advertisment for the SNP.

    How the **** did this political horseshite get permitted to be broadcast?

    Fcuking boll0cks.
  2. What he said....I want my licence money back
  3. there more to come on the road ahead?...
  4. Don't pay it then, the BBC doesn't waste my money.
  5. To paraphrase a few good men "you can't handle the truth!!"

  6. I wouldn't worry, he's fcukin loser like the SNP will be .
  7. who are currently in power?
  8. A lavish advert for the SNP that was pretty unequivocal about e.g. the 'Scottish Civil War' aspect behind Culloden, the Scottish involvement in the African slave trade, the Scottish contribution to the exploitation of industrial workers, etc...

    He's also the author of THIS. Bit of a strange topic for a rampant Nat, don't you think?
  9. You mean Culloden wasn't a simple case of the brave Scots V the evil English? You must be mad, mad I tell you.

    And the slave trade and exploitation of industrial workers was all the fault of those pesky English too. Evil and England, both begin with E... coincidence, I think not.
  10. No, it wasn't. As Neil took great pains to point out in the programme.

    Why is anything that doesn't fawn over the UK as the best of all possible worlds automatically regarded as some work of SNP propaganda? Doesn't that rather contradict the ARRSE consensus that the BBC is the propaganda wing of New Labour?
  11. Buckfast, heroin, deep fried mars bars and benefit scroungers. Can we cut it off?
  12. What you do with your penis is your own business.

    Bloody stange lot, you English.
  13. No idea mate, I'm just happy to have found a jock who doesn't think Culloden was English V Scots. Although it could have been but in the reverse of what most people believe.
  14. That made I larf! :D

    And if the English get a licence fee refund for a History of Scotland, I want £10 every time some on the Beeb mentions 1966 between now and the World Cup... :roll:
  15. I think you can blame Sir Walter Scott for that..... :)