The history of Hohne and Fallingbostel

Right, getting a bit of theme going on here, but I'm doing some serious but amateur historical research into various barracks/facilities used by BAOR/BFG but originally built for and used by the Wehrmacht. Hohne and Fallingbostel were both Truppenuebungsplatz training areas built before the war. I have amassed a few pictures of Hohne/Bergen up to 1945 but getting pre-1945 imagery Fallingbostel is proving difficult.

I am told that there is a very comprehensive museum in the Fallingbostel Station Barracks housing 2 Royal Tank Regiment containing a very comprehensive pictorial and regimental history of the Barracks from the days they were built, throughout the war and post-war years. In consultation and the cooperation of the local ex- panzer veterans there are also many artifacts from the same period. The status of the museum is unclear since 2 RTR will be arms plotting to the UK. Can anyone confirm this?

Can anyone assist with either pre-1945 research into either Hohne but especially Fallingbostel? Can anyone provide a contact for the museum if it still exists??

This is ultimately what I'm after: (Hohne)




Get in contact with the Hohne Garrison Sgt Mjjor. He gives lectures on Hohne and is a respected Subject Matter Expert.
I know the "Deutche Kommantur" in Hohne camp(where the dutch army were in the 80's) has a very interesting hall of fame/maps from year dot to today of the ranges.

I have a pre WW2 small B & W photo of German troops outside Block MB41. If you would like to borrow it to scan or copy drop me a message off forum and I will post it to you. Am away till next Friday so may be a delay in answering.

There is an excellent Historian in the Fallingbostel area.

He requested Blueys, postcards etc from 2 Bn REME personnel during deployments when I was there 1997-99. If you can find him via a contact at Fallingbostel he would be able to give you loads of pre and postwar info. Can't remember if he may have been the Burgermeister or similar - sure you would be able to make contact via Fallingbostel GSM or some such.

Good luck!!
Something always concerned me somewhat about a cemetary near the two fishing lakes in Hohne garrison whilst I was there in the 1970's.
I was a very keen photographer in those days and remember coming across this cemetary while looking for something to photograph, all of the graves contained youngish women all in their early twentys; local myth at the time was that they had all died of Typhus down the road in Belsen whilst nursing the aged and sick after liberation.
Some of the graves had the star of David on and most where dated 1945 so it almost confirmed the story, however the thing that concerned me all those years ago was that in 1973/74 most of the grave stones were smashed and left lying on the ground ready for the cemetary to be cleared, at least that was the impression I had at the time.
Does anybody know if the cemetary still exists or was it cleared by the D.O.E. or did Henry dream it?
At the time I didn't really give a toss but as I get older I wonder what the true story behind it was.
Adding to the post above, I recently questioned my father about our time in Married Quarters when I was a brat in Hohne '74-76 whilst he served with 13/18th Royal Hussars.

The old fella remembers the jewish cemetary that was 'just down the road on camp' and the fact that our block on quarters was different to the others. Apparently our block was used as a Med Centre for the kids from Belsen after the war.

Can't remember myself, but my parents were often asked by my brothers and I, who were the other children walking around our house.

Kids next door saw them too.

Of course, the old man could have been talking complete and utter arrse.
Sorry dont know much about Fally, but did two tours in Hohne in the Field Ambulance Barracks (Glyn Hughes Bks). The Barracks were an SS Officer Hospital for the SS serving at Belsen, got an excellent insight when i walked round an old ex-SS officer with 1 arm that had been there as a patient. And no, there were no experiments dont there.......!

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