The Hindu Faith

A young guy went along to the Hindu temple and asked to be initiated as a monk.

The priest in charge told him about life in the temple and the various restraints he had to comply with.

After three months the young guy went back to the priest and asked his leave to resign, stating that the celibate lifestyle did not suit him and that he deeply missed the love of a women.

'Have you visited the old Yak in the stable?' asked the priest.

'You'll find that intercourse with the Yak is as good as with any women!'

Two days later the young guy returned, 'Father,I wish to withdraw my request to resign, as you rightly say,intercourse with the Yak was as good, if not better than with a women!'

'Did you take note of the little collection tin at the side of the Yak for voluntary contributions for it's food, bedding etc' asked the Priest.

'Sorry,I didn't' replied the young man.

'Oh dear' said the priest,

'Just another case of 'F*ck you Yak I'm alright!'

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