The Hills

Alright, Am well up for having a crack at the hills at some point over the next two years. Obviously Brecon is the place to get the tabbing/nav in. Anyone got any good tips on training for this. Is the best thing to do just purely tabbing to get the feet and back used to the weight and distance. Or is there a place for normal running and swimming in the build up. Also has anyone got any examples of what level I should be at so I'm not wasting my time. E.g. I should be carrying Xlbs YKms in such and such a time. ...? Just feeling the waters at the moment. Bit bored with what I'm doing right now. Any sound advice would be well useful. Cheers.
Where are you now, fitness wise, in terms of weight/distance/time?
It's quite handy to know the routes on selection as getting lost or fcuking around every 20 minutes stopping for map checks can be a fine line between pass and fail. It's not a good idea to concentrate most of your fitness around tabbing as many end up with injuries (or an injury waiting to happen) even before attempting selection though obviously you have to condition your body (upper and lower) for carrying heavy weight if you're not used to it. There are also many that fail even before reaching the hills as they've spent far too much time plodding over the Beacons and have neglected CV work. You can get fit without having to put a bergen on your back!
sandmanfez said:
Where are you now, fitness wise, in terms of weight/distance/time?
P Coy standard at the moment. Nothing longer than 12 miles really in say 2 hours. And that is definitely not on hills like the Beacons, is it!

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