The Hill

Sean Connery before Bond came along,bl**dy good film


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easymoney said:
Sean Connery before Bond came along,bl**dy good film
Actually Sean had done a couple of Bond moves before The Hill.
Talking about Sky, have they got any other films other than BAT21?
How many times has that been fcuking shown?
A great film.

Does anyone know if it was based on a book?

I read "Ice Cold in Alex" and was pleased to discover that in the original it was actually the NCO and not the officer who gets the girl. That also explains why John Mills shouts at Sylvia Syms "stop thinking about your love life and get on with it!" which wouldn't make sense if they were having it away... as you'd know if you'd watched it 50 times already [slinks away embarrassed]


The Hill is a superb film. My favourite scene is where the RSM quells the riot in the cell block. Holding Kings Regs (i.e. QRs of the time) aloft he threatens to charge the ring-leaders with mutiny (which I think attracted the death penalty). When someone shouts "who are the ring-leaders?" he replies "every fifth man!" In no time at all they are back in line, stood to attention and quiet. Powerful stuff. Wouldn't work these PC days but there was war on, things aren't the way they used to be, aren't the policemen looking younger, etc.

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