The High Scores Thread...

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by AlphaKennyThing, Jan 28, 2011.

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  1. Hi!

    I apologise if this has been done before, but I thought I'd start a thread for any gamers here who have achieved a damn good score on a game of their choice. The more multiplayer, the better!

    To start, I just got an extreme personal best of 46-5-9 on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on PC.

    The map was "Rust", Third Person Demolition game mode. I used a custom setup called 'Tactical' which includes:

    P90 (Silenced)
    M110 (Foregrip)
    1 x Semtex
    2 x Flashbang
    Marathon Pro
    Lightweight Pro
    Ninja Pro

    It was good shite.
  2. I played a game of Skidrow earlier on Headquarters Pro. (Xbox 360)

    61 Kills
    2 Deaths
    About Two-Dozen Assists.
    33 Killstreak.

    I think my highest score was on Domination on Highrise with a 87-10 score.

    In total, I have 54,900 kills, 38,900 deaths with a 1.41 KD/R.
  3. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    24.00s on The Pit!
  4. Jesus, thats good.

    I can only manage 29s.
  5. Well that puts my little run to shame, eh?

    I just had a go on Black Ops online for the first time. Only picked up Live the other day - its not bad, but I definitely prefer MW2!

    If you're a regular on Xbox Live chuck me your gamertag and I'll join you for a few rounds.
  6. Agreed, I prefer MW2, Black Ops is shite.

    My Gamertag is TheInsaneNutter - I'm on there most nights.
  7. 42-2-2

    This was earlier tonight in Mercenary Team Deathmatch for MW2 on the secksbawks. The map was Wasteland and the primary weapon was your standard WA2000. Got a little help from the Sentry Gun in the middle bunker and the Pavelow I sent up twice but in all fairness I was pretty surprised at how I managed to whack this together.

    Not the first time I've had such a high finishing score but considering this was against a bunch of late-prestige players I thought I'd mention it.

    Feeling pretty chuffed with myself.
  8. Right, I've had a round or two with Your_Mums_Pal now, but still not with anyone else. Get online fools!
  9. I've been appearing offline since last night, lost my voice so haven't been keen to try and chat with the mic.

    I know its opposite to the thread title, but I had one of my worst matches ever on Highrise last night.

    11 Kills
    25 Deaths.

    Mind you, not well, so its a valid excuse! :p
  10. Right, last night I had 10 consecutive rounds where me and a couple of my mates actually destroyed the other team. Best MW2 night so far! BrokenArrow and Your_Mums_Pal, you were both online I noticed! Sorry I couldn't make it to your group YMP, I thought I'd make the most of having a fail of an enemy team.

    Anyways, highlight of the night was on Afghan TD, where I rounded off with a 36-3-0!

    I was using the FAL, SPAS-12 (Red Dot), Slight of Hand Pro, Stopping Power Pro, Ninja Pro and Final Stand. My Pavelow did most of the work to be fair, but it was a cracking round.

    The rest were fairly similar, but usually involved me dying 3-4 times instead of none at all.
  11. I was only online for a bit, I was doing absolutely shit! I tried joining your 'Session in Progress' but it kicked me off as there was a host migration in progress.
  12. Yeah I went on the other night and had a few appalling rounds. I joined a game that was already started, and it was just some clan vs my team. I spawned in to a world of air strikes, apaches and death in general. I have no idea why I stayed, but it cost me a dire score of 4-1-19. Wasn't worth it!

    Ah well. Always another day.
  13. Bit different I know, but I have got 3 stars on every level and all bonus eggs on Angry Birds. Got nothing else to do now til R&R.
  14. Ha! Well, a high score is a high score!
  15. Is anyone still on MW2 on the PS3? I went on there for the first time in a few weeks with my Son the other day and was shocked and stunned to appear on a Hacked Lobby! thought they didn't exist on the PS3 until now that is! the hackers have totally ruined the online game, 1 of them could see where everyone was from any point of the map as you appeared with a red square around you and he could slot you through any surface even an entire earth bunker (wasteland) from the other side! thought it was a one off so left that lobby after the match which was won by something silly like 7500 - 100 and then we were smack bang in the middle of ANOTHER shagging hacked lobby where everyone looked like Zebbiddy from the Magic Roundabout except springing up and down armed with Assault Rifles that were spraying exploding rounds down on everything that moved!

    Whats the frigging point! it's spoiled it for us and we resorted to a game of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, which actually feels more interesting now than MW2!!!!! I think MW2 on the PS3 has died a death since it has been hacked. When did this happen as it was fine back in December?!