The Higgs Boson

Discussion in 'The Science Forum' started by Dashing_Chap, Jul 3, 2012.

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  1. I've been trying to tell the guys at CERN that the Higgs has been floating in and out of reality in the "Are You Religious?" thread for the last few years but to no avail.

    Until now.

    Short Sharp Science: Leaked CERN video shows glimpse of the Higgs

    Apparently it'll all be unveiled tomorrow, finally we'll have news about the biggest scientific discovery of the century.

    Leaked CERN video shows glimpse of the Higgs

    Video here:

    Leaked video from Cern hints that the LHC may have found a Higgs-like particle - Telegraph

    Have we found Higgs or not? What does this mean for physics? Could the Higgs be made up of more fundamental particles? We live in interesting times.

  2. Long post there.

    He was in the smoking thread earlier.

    See, no need for lots of words.

    On a slightly more serious note, the whole experiment is fraught with accidents, hold ups, glitches and cock ups.

    Is there a higher intelligence throwing spanners?
  3. Does this mean he'll vanish up his own hoop, like the real one?
  4. Well the video was made 29.06.2012 and Joe stated more tests were needed, so may be they're going to announce tomorrow they've either found it, or Hans has dropped a piece of bratty in the machine, again.
  5. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    I'm impressed that the video 'went live on the internet due to a technical fault'.

    Fills me with confidence, that does. Now sitting here fingers crossed that a black hole doesn't start forming somewhere near Geneva... ;-)
  6. Oh I hope, I really really hope, they strapped Higgsy into a chair like a research beagle, forced a Benson and Hedges into his gob and lit him up and made him say I am the god particle
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  7. Just heard some science chap on the radio saying something along the lines of "the research has no practical use, it won't affect the price of your shopping for example, but it will help us understand how the universe was formed".


    Now how about putting all the expensive technology, money and brainpower into doing something effin' useful for a change - like figuring alternatives to fossil fuel and coal fire power stations.

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  8. I thought they said the LHC was slightly underpowered?
  9. I reckon someone's research budget is under review again?

    All we need now is a report from the Police to say they'll be more riots, akin to last year, if the budget cuts go ahead.

    What there is . . . ? We'll I'll be blowed! 8O
  10. Hopefully all this wonderful technology will help me to find my car keys. :)
  11. Oh this marvellous machine can easily do that. Wait...wait...Ah yes, as you approach your car, they'll be in your right trouser pocket if your right arm is carrying bags full of heavy shopping.
  12. Just when I thought that my vital work here was done... some are now claiming that the boson is work of the Devil, Satan's dust, such discoveries are a sin etc. Others are claiming that it's gods magic or jesus said "behold the LHC for it is my fathers toy"...or something like that!

    What next?

    Collide a christian and a muslim together at the speed of light and see what happens... :)
  13. Sounds familiar that! I vaguely remember seeing a quote from someone famous to the effect that computers were of very little use and that the total requirement was for only a handful.
  14. A Jew :???: