The heroic story of how a British soldier single-handedly saved 10 men from a collaps

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by boggy, Feb 21, 2011.

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  1. Not old enough to remember the incident, but I agree with the comments on the link :)
  2. Seems odd she's saying she doesn't have any kids to pass it on to and yet is selling the stuff to fund her wedding !! Isn't that the correct order to do things in ?

    Mind, if she's incapable of saving an extra three grand that the memorabilia is expected to fetch. she's not a chip off the old block is she ?

    I hope she ends up divorced. Then she can rue what the extra money got her, be it a honeymoon overseas rather than in the UK or whatever.

    Perhaps she was estranged as she lives with her mum - the EX-Mrs Hero ............

  3. I didn't know of the incident but thanks for bringing up, these gallant actions deserved to be remembered.

    As does a little known and almost forgotten award of the George Medal to an American airman in East Anglia, Reice Leming, for saving a number of civilians during the 1953 floods. I chanced upon the story just recently. Wonder what became of him and his well deserved medal? I know he took some time to recover from the exertions of his actions.

    As for Sgt Hanlon's daughter selling the medal- it's hers to do as she likes and at least it's brought her father's heroism to a wider audience.
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  4. In the long run 3k is feck all but that medal should be passed down the line. Simple greed. It will also go for more than 3k I believe.

    The only positive thing however is that collectors will keep the story alive and look after the award and the mans memory and deed.
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  5. Whilst I agree completely with that, if I were her son in 20 or more years time, I'd be pissed off at her if I found out she'd sold it to go to DisneyWorld. Of course that's just me and her son may not give a shit about ancient history concerning someone he never knew.

    I might understand it if it were for £30k + but a measley £3k ............ that's not a high price for your family history is it ?

    Be nice if his Regt got it.

  6. i just hope she does not read the comments of the daily hates readers at the bottom.
  7. Although she can do what she wants with it, trying to pass it off as her old mans contribution to her wedding is taking the piss a bit.

    As one of the comments on the link said, a George medal for some fizzy pop and a piece of cake, not much of a trade.
  8. I can only think of two reasons why these "I have to sell my/my xxxxx's medal(s) stories" crop up in the papers, usually the DM, from time-to-time.

    1. To publicise the sale in order that it might bring in a higher price.

    2. In the hope that a knight in shining armour is moved sufficiently to cough up
    the required sum so that the seller gets the cash and gets to keep the medal(s) as well.
  9. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Still alive I believe:

    BBC NEWS | England | 1953 floods hero returns to remember

    Who was the other Yank? I can't seem to find his name (only been looking five mins though).

  10. Wow!
    Many thanks for that.
    The BBC's first name differs from the name Reice that appeared in the contemporary article that I saw. I believe that his was the only US award promulgated at that time so the other American may have been awarded later (for the same date)
    Amazing story, I hope it was made known in the States
  11. Reis Leming is living in Central Oregon and the George Medal is in a frame on the hallway wall along with pictures of his family. We are continually
    amazed at the memory of the English people and have been welcomed in Hunstanton and the surrounding area several times. We love it there, we
    love the people there and feel at home there. Reis has recently been contacted by a representative of the 67th Air Rescue Squadron (now called the
    67th Special Operations Squadron at RAF Mildenhall) regarding the 60th anniversary of the 67th and we hope to be able to attend any ceremonies
    for that event in 2012. The Leming family is very proud of Reis and thanks to his former wife, Mary Ann Ramsay Nokes who recently passed away,
    we have lots of memorabilia from the flood and more. As of 2011 Reis has 3 children, 6 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren and has been
    married to Kathy since 1973.
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  12. Hello Kathy,

    I was delighted to read your post. Many thanks for taking the trouble to bring us up-to-date on what is really a heart-warming story and I can well understand the family pride in Reis. I am also pleased to hear of your reception in Norfolk.
    60 years is a significant anniversary and I shall keep a local media lookout for it.
    Best wishes to you both.
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  13. Two fascinating stories. I am glad that I read this thread.

    Edit to add: Thanks for the update Kathy.
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  14. Sad news,

    Reis Leming, George Medal passed away just a few days before he was due to attend the 60th Anniversary of 67 Squadron.

    A tribute was paid on Anglia News this evening;

    Norfolk Flood Hero Dies

    He will be remembered for a long time in the Hunstanton area.
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