The Heroic End of a Real IRA officer

3yrs jail for Real IRA man

From: The Mirror
Date: April 11, 2002
Author: LIZ WALSH Copyright information Copyright 2002 The Mirror.

A REAL IRA man was jailed for three years after pleading guilty to membership of an illegal organisation.

Dubliner Ruairai Convey, 25, had pleaded guilty to membership of the IRA last June 6.

The court heard that during a search of his home in Newbrook Avenue, Donaghmede, detectives found a hand-written note containing the names of two members of the Garda Emergency Response Unit.

When he was arrested Convey had a roll of film showing four armed and masked men saluting Robbie Doolin, the former RTE actor and Real IRA member who died in 2000.
Cocaine helped to kill RTE soap star who died after row

By Nicola Anderson and Clodagh Sheehy
Friday June 08 2001
COCAINE helped kill actor Robbie Doolin, whose turbulent last hours were described to an inquest in the capital yesterday.

The inquest jury heard the 33-year-old RTE celebrity died of cardiac arrest due to being physically restrained and to his sensitivity to cocaine. He also had three times the legal drink-drive level of alcohol in his blood.

Mr Doolin, of Clogher Road, Crumlin, Dublin was involved in a row outside a hackney firm's offices in the early hours of August 21.

State pathologist Prof John Harbison said there was cocaine in the actor's urine and cocaine byproducts in his blood. It was not uncommon for sudden death to occur among users of cocaine, although he (witness) did not find signs of habitual use of the drug.

The actor inhaled blood from a mouth injury, which had played a role in his inability to breathe.

A statement from Alice Doolin told how her son, who starred in the RTE TV comedy series Upwardly Mobile, hugged her and said "I love you Ma" just after arriving home by taxi around 4am on August 21. He needed £3 for the fare and she gave him £5.

After hugging her he went to the front door with his motorcycle helmet and told her he was going to "get the person who beat me up".

She asked him not to go, saying he had a few drinks on him, but he revved up the bike and drove off.

Three hours later she identified him in St James's Hospital morgue.

Actor Joe Savino, who also starred in Upwardly Mobile, told the inquest Mr Doolin called to his apartment at 9pm on August 20 and about 15 minutes later they went to Noel Leonard's pub for a drink and a game of darts. They both drank Jack Daniels and coke and witness estimated they had about six doubles each.

They left the bar at 12.15am and as witness was filming next morning they parted at the quays.

"Robbie was in top form: we had been working on a script together," said Mr Savino. He almost could have guessed where Robbie went: they used visit a number of clubs regularly.

Cleaner Loretto Byrne said she was walking in Great Georges Street around 4.35am on her way to work when she saw a man lying on the ground outside the Pony Cabs hackney company office with another man lying on top of him holding him down. The man on the ground never moved and about 10 minutes later gardai arrived.

Pony Cabs security guard John O'Keeffe said Mr Doolin came into the premises around 2am looking for a cab. About 20 minutes later he rushed out and vomited in the street. Witness told the man he would not be able to get him a cab at that stage because there was a chance he would get sick again. Mr Doolin then shouted at witness, accused him of "degrading" him, swung a punch and put his two fists up in front of him.

The man lost his balance and he was holding him down. He (witness) used to have a black belt in Kung Fu but was now incapacitated because he suffers from throat cancer and weighs between 20 and 25 stone. Gardai came along and calmed the situation, asking Mr O'Keeffe if he was going to get the man a cab. Witness said no so gardai asked the man to move along and he did.

About an hour later, a motorcycle pulled up and a man in a motorcycle helmet came into the office holding a telescopic baton and said: "I'm going to kill you."

It was the same man. He seemed stronger and witness and hackney driver Stephen Fulham had difficulty restraining him. Witness and the man rolled around on the ground and the man kept struggling.

Witness was trying to keep him down by holding his (witness's) chest against his back. After a while gardai arrived and handcuffed the man but took the cuffs off on seeing he was unconscious. Mr Fulham said that as the man approached the office, Mr O'Keeffe told witness to phone gardai. There was no phone in the shop so he used a walkie-talkie to contact base and was halfway through telling base when the man came in.

He helped Mr O'Keeffe get him outside the shop, where the man fell to the ground. There was a scuffle and the baton fell away but the man got control of it again and hit Mr O'Keeffe again and also bit him.

When gardai arrived they handcuffed the man and pulled him onto his back. They must have known from his colour something was wrong. They took off the handcuffs, called an ambulance and gave the man mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and heart massage.

Mr Doolin was taken by ambulance to St James's Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The jury returned a death by misadventure verdict.

- Nicola Anderson and Clodagh Sheehy
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