The Herald sees through the "pay rise" spin

The MoD giveth with one hand and taketh away with the other. Someone has noticed...

The "inflation-beating" 3.3% pay rise announced for the lowest ranks of Britain's armed forces could be wiped out by increases in charges for meals and accommodation.
A private in the Army earning £13,866 a year faces extra charges of 3.2% for meals and up to 14.5% for improved quarters in barracks.
Married soldiers are also facing hikes of between 2% and 13.3% for accommodation.
One senior soldier said: "I'm due a 3% pay rise under the armed forces pay review, but the charges for my married quarters are rising by a whopping 13%. My rise would have amounted to £750 after tax.
"But my accommodation charges are going up by £584 a year. That reduces my pay 'increase' to £166 per annum, or 0.52%. And that's before any increase in mess bills. It's a joke."
The MoD said the rise was above inflation, and likely to be above other public sector workers' increases.
A spokesman added: "We are spending a lot of money bringing accommodation on bases up to modern standards, putting them on a par with civilian equivalents."

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