The Henley By Election

Tomorrow the electorate in Henley choose Mr Johnsons replacement.

A Conservative MP seems inevitable. However there are scenarios which might suggest a Tory defeat in spite of this happening.

What do posters think will signal a Conservative victory, a Conservative defeat or a victory for any of the other parties?
What do posters think will signal a Conservative victory,
The summer evening sky will be momentarily darkened by a cloud of thrown boaters, accompanied by a rousing rendition of the Eton Boat Song as the smell of spit roasted peasant wafts down the motorway towards Slough.

Tradition demands no less.
My opinion is that if either the Liberals or Labour get a rise of 10% of the vote or if the Conservatives lose 5% of the vote then it might be seen as a defeat by them.
Tough decisions in Henley;

Bananaman Owen - Monster Raving Loony

“One of our latest policies is to introduce crocodiles into the Thames, firstly to keep the water clean as they do, plus it would certainly make the Henley Regatta more of a spectator sport.


Amanda Harrington - Independent (Miss Great Britain Party)

In Working Mans’ Clubs all across the South East, Chippy left-wing agitators are being urged "Sup up your beer and collect your fags, There´s a row going on down near Slough"©

Unfortunately for ZaNu Liebour, The Plebs won’t be in attendance; as once again the pull of Big Brother IX proves too strong...

©Paul Weller
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