The Hemming Belt for Boxing

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Active_Edge_841, Aug 9, 2006.

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  1. I could have posted this topic in the Sports Adventure Trg & Events, however with this being an RLC sports associated topic I thought that I would have more luck here.

    I always thought that the Hemming Belt for Boxing had been shelved in 1992 just prior to the formation of the RLC? :?

    Recipients of The Hemming Belt for Boxing:

    1956-Pte Harper 15 Trg Bn RASC
    1957-Dvr Hardy 15 Trg Bn RASC
    1958-Dvr Foot 15 Trg Bn RASC
    1959-Lcpl Elderfield 15TrgBn RASC
    1960-Dvr Mallon 6 Trg Bn
    1961-Dvr Warrick TA
    1961-Dvr Warrick TA
    1962-3 Not awarded
    1964-Dvr McHugh 52(LOWLAND)COLM(TA)
    1965-Lcpl C Booth 6 Trg Bn RASC
    1966-Lcpl Bruce 6 Trg Regt RCT
    1967-Cpl C Booth 62(Berlin)Sqn RCT
    1968 -Cpl C Booth 6 Trg Regt RCT
    1969 -Cpl C Booth 12 Trg Regt RCT
    1970-Cpl T Baker 12 Trg Regt RCT
    1971-2Lt Collinson 63 Para Sqn RCT
    1972-2Lt Collinson 63 Para Sqn RCT
    1973-Lcpl E Dublin 10 Regt RCT
    1974-Lcpl E Dublin 10 Regt RCT
    1975-Lcpl Z Rene 10 Regt RCT
    1976-Lcpl S Johnson 10 Regt RCT
    1977-Lcpl M Gannon 10 Regt RCT
    1978-Lcpl S Johnson 10 Regt RCT
    1979-Dvr R Stephens 10 Regt RCT
    1980-Lcpl S Johnson 10 Regt RCT
    1981-Lcpl S Johnson 10 Regt RCT
    1982-Jnr Dvr P Harrison Jnr Leaders RCT
    1983-Lcpl S Johnson 10 Regt RCT
    1984-Dvr G Misters 10 Regt RCT
    1985-Dvr N Haddock 10 Regt RCT
    1986-Dvr N Haddock 10 Regt RCT
    1987-Dvr N McCallum 10 Regt RCT
    1988-Dvr Mason 10 Regt RCT
    1989-Lcpl N McCallum 10 Regt RCT
    1990-Cpl N McCallum 10 Regt RCT
    1991-Cpl N McCallum 10 Regt RCT
    1992-Lcpl C Bessey 27 Regt RCT

    The reason why I ask is that I have just heard that it has recently been presented to a Pte in 13 AA Regt.

    Can someone out there enlighten me, has it recently been plucked out of a dark cupboard & dusted off for presentation once again or am I losing my marbles?


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  2. boxing fans out there then? :eek:
  3. Is it THAT obvious??? :)
  4. Its in this months Corps journal. If you dont have access to one I will get name and post it here tomorrow. But you are correct. A 13 AA lad I think.
  5. It was reintroduced at Corps Day sports awards in recent years....a special award toward the end of the awards ceremony each year
  6. Cheers bottleosmoke, I've just had a look in the Spunkstainers sports pages, it's good to see the belt back. :D
  7. Saw it today, the belt is currently residing in 13 reg RHQ, if you want me to find out the name of who won it drop me a PM.
  8. Thanks for that AB_Dit_Spinner, but I've just found out who the 2006 winner of the belt was. :wink:
  9. If anyone knows the wear abouts of Kev Mason of 10 Reg and then PTI at buller,please drop me a line.Thanks Will
  10. ITS me yet again will yes your new best freind for the day must dash and find more of you on ARSE.
  11. I think i have a storker.
  12. Hemming belt has been re-introduced I had it in my house for years before getting it back the system Neil McCallum MBE (10 Regt RCT 84-94)
  13. LMFAO....

    Neil good to see you are hiding you identity, as am I!!!!

    Its also good to see you aint gonna have that belt keeping up your trousers anymore.......
  14. I received the hemming belt today at the core RLC day it was a special award given to me at the end of all the awards, very proud of it, one of my fellow team members had it before me.