The Height of Journalistic Endevour

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sven, Feb 17, 2007.

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  1. The Daily Mirror has floated this story about Harry going to the sandpit at the end of the month and (God bless 'em) the fuccking BBC repeated it.

    Now, regardless of the source, if it is true then we can almost guarentee that more than one hawk eyed son of Allah is going to be carefully watching every soldier trying to spot the guy. Why don't these b@astards realise that one days headlines means a major fucckfest for the Prince.

    If it is true and Harry gets wasted it will be in no small part due to this story.

    No for the piece of sh1t that gave the Mirror the story . . . .
  2. If I was any British serviceman of 5'10" and ginger I'd be a)wearing applique on my body armour and b)suing for reckless endangerment!
  3. I'd be getting Grandma to find out who leaked the info to the Mirror, and to put the Editor in the tower
  4. Isn't there a tribal clan in the South of Iraq that are,err, gwah(ish) in terms of appearance? Something to do with when Britain was there back in the 1920's.
  5. A myth I'm afraid.

    Edited to add:

    It could also be that some children with ginger hair owed their colouring to a form of malnutrition called kwashiorkor.
  6. However, there was a village just outside Cairo where the locals had gingerish hair, fair complexion and blue eyes. Went back to some foreign occupation. The women were highly prized by Egyptian civil servants as they bred lighter skinned kids than otherwise would have resulted.
  7. What, The Mirror jumping on a story about the army without checking their facts first that may lead to further endangerment of soldiers' lives?

    I don't believe it...
  8. OK.......We are looking for volunteers for 2LT Wales's brick.........Any takers for the bullet magnet of the middle east????

    However a cushy watchkeepers job might be in order?

  9. Perhaps, but would He want to take it
  10. I agree Sven, I think that he would want to lead by example and probably from the front.

    Personally I hope that he is allowed to do his stint and not be encumbered by BG's hounding him for his personal safety and risk analysis count.

  11. Likewise

    This is the guys career, and if it is to be meaningful He HAS to be allowed to do the dangerous stuff
  12. Perhaps this is a deceptive ploy and a Daily Mirror reporter has volunteered himself as a decoy double to get a scoop on what it's like to be made the target for several thousand insurgents armed with RPGs, sniper rifles and AK 47s. He might even be awarded a Pullitzer Prize if his article is printed posthumously. And think what such a sensational story would do for the circulation figures! What more could he want?

  13. He wants fcukin with a large barge pole - as does the editor of the rag. He may not want it though :threaten:
  14. More like the Wurlitzer Prize.
  15. Clarence House has denied reports that Prince Harry could be sent to Iraq within a matter of weeks.

    According to the Daily Mirror, the Prince's regiment, the Blues and Royals, will go to Basra at the end of the month.

    It quotes a 'senior military source' as saying: "The final details are being sorted out, but he is definitely going.

    "Naturally, his royal status has to be taken into account - but he will see action."

    Prince on parade The Mirror says the 23-year-old Second Lieutenant is likely to be in charge of a troop of 12 soldiers in light armoured vehicles.

    They would be sent on reconnaisance missions out in the desert.

    The missions could last days or even weeks.

    A Ministry of Defence spokesman said no decision on troop deployment has been made yet, but that one may be taken within the next few weeks.

    According to the Mirror, Defence Secretary Des Browne will make an announcement on February 26