The headline made me laugh


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Link works.

"we will deal with the matter over the next 48 hours in our own internal way."

Is Micheal Barrymore a judge?
Amusing - But why all the fuss about him going home. He is obviously miffed about not being in the team, thus useless to be hanging around so goes home to watch in comfort. Fair game i say!
I love unintentional humour like that!



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I'll see your 'Butt probe' and raise you this. :D
extremely funny.....especially considering im a Villa supporter
Quote - "I've just seen my team get stuffed."

Isn't that what you do with a Butt Probe?
'I'm extremely happy, because I'm convinced this is the stadium from which Young Boys can finally launch themselves back into sporting success,' Swiss president, and Bern native, Samuel Schmid told spectators just before Saturday's wnak show got underway.
Wnakfest in Wnakdorf

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