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The Hawkins Grenade

Being brain dead..after a few cans!!!! Or perhaps my grey cells have sparked......

I do remember a quantity "48 Grenades" .....stolen from a ammoury (48 Brigade) in Hong Kong approx 1970 - 1971.....?

Or unless I am confused ..it was just a "Mill's thing".....
or was it "Throwing a just used QARANC "Tampax" in the wind?

Never mind....All past history!!!!... and I dont like "liver sandwiches"......
putteesinmyhands said:
Bit of a coincidence, that.

A story linking Hawkins, grenade and wheelchair.

I know, the spelling's different, but I bet a lot of people don't notice.
PMSL - and it wasn't deliberate :D I must be drinking too much of the local hooch - I've been WAH'd twice in three days and missed agolden opportunity.
There was an article in Bizzare magazine about the wheelchair murder with super duper gory black and white pictures. If I could be arrsed I'd take the article down from the wall and scan the pictures but can't be so search for yourself. :)

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