The Hawk has sharp claws.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Feb 2, 2007.

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  1. Paul Wolfowitz one of the main architects of the Iraq War and now the President of the World Bank?

    Normally a bloke having holes in his socks wouldn't bother me to much.
    But when it is a war mongering neo con (retd. recanted) who is now the PRESIDENT OF THE WORLD BANK it is finally a real sign of how off his head the man actually is. Does he know which world he is living in?
    Does he know what planet he's on?

    Here Daz quickly - grab this pic and put a tin foil hat on him - this one really deserves it!
  2. I've got soles in me hocks, does that make me bad too?
  3. No, but if you are in charge of all the worlds money you should be able to have someone pop down to Marks & Sparks for you.
    The same person that wipes the drool from your mouth and helps you maintain the dignity of office.

    Besides, it doesn't just look like he has holes in those socks - IT LOOKS LIKE HE SLEPT IN THEM LAST NIGHT!
    Quick nurse, the medication.
  4. lighten up mate, as if we're gonna make a difference, fcuk sake were like the life boats on the titanic.
  5. What did they have holes in them as well?
  6. no, they were to few, and made sod all difference to the outcome, SLRboy, you seem to delight in picking cyberfights with people, Why?
  7. on a serious note though wet blobby,
    the holes in the socks themselves are bugger all. But these little things can indicate a persons state of mind and awareness of the world around him.

    I think this bloke is a nutter anyway.
  8. Because he hasn't got the balls to fight in the real world.
  9. I think this is a classic example of not planning for the day's events: did he not realise that he would have to remove his shoes in front of the world's press? And if he can't get that right, then....?

    Or he has bigger balls than most.

    I'll plump for the lack of planning.

  10. Not saying he isn't, its fcukin maddening to sit through a meeting with your toe sticking outa your sock. but the meetings I go to don't involve ill fitting suits (mine always fit, I dont care what anyone else has on as long as they have substance) ,have you realised he's got odd socks on? I try not to wear a suit anyway.

    Dont be shallow, I know first impressions take 28 minutes to break but, fcuk it whats time, we have a life time infront of us.
  11. Who does he need to impress?

    If I was him, I'd wear a lime green lycra cat suit, inflatable rubber mask with in-built ball gag and a pair of clown shoes whilst riding a Llama.

    Message being; 'Fcuk off, I'm considerably richer that you are and I control all the dosh. I dare you to take the pish'.
  12. Yeah you bet flasheart IF it was his dosh and he had made it, but it ain't. Its public money.