The Harz Mountains

I,m looking at walking the witches trail in the last week of September.

I have ordered the map, so have an idea of what I'm looking at interns of distance.

Couple of questions. Is this a good time of year to be walking there? Is there plenty of accommodation to be had or will I need to pre- book?

Anyone done it? Our normal yearly trips centre around the alps, I appreciate the Harz are not the alps in terms of size but is it a challenge?

I consider myself pretty fit & a seasoned walker, up & down alps is my norm when away & I live in the peak district & get out most weeks.

Any experiences/advice gratefully received.


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As I recall the Hartz is a good area for walking but nowhere near as challenging as the Alps. September should be ok. But it has been a while so I may be guilty of a bit of rose tinting!


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Never done it but its on my to do list - looks fabulous - enjoy


I've walked nearly every mountain in the Harz, and have the Stucknagels (sp?) to prove it :)

There are some lovely routes. I used to walk them as a child with my old man during the school summer holidays so probably around the same time of year that you're looking at. The weather should be mostly decent, though sometimes you get a bit of cloud.

We always camped. There are plenty of campsites and pensions so I can't see accomodation being an issue. The Brocken is the largest mountain if memory serves me correctly, but each mountain provides a great view. Nearly all of them have a hutte at or near the summit to grab a cold beer/soft drink.

The trails, paths, and roads are all well maintained. The local maps are very good, and you shouldn't have any issue with finding your way about.
September should be good, and there is shed loads of accommodation. Seeing as late September is rather quiet pre booking should not be necessary, however to be on the safte side it would not harm to book in advance. The tourist information centres have loads of info and freeby or cheap maps with walking and skiing trails. If you walk to the top of the Brocken which is about 3400ft AMSL and the surrounding villages vary from about 1600 ft AMSL then 800 ft should be no problem to a reasonably fit person. I have seen loads of penioners doing that walk, altough most take the steam train. Last but not least don't forget the Schierker Feuerstein, the bottle that is not the stone itself.
Thanks for the info. Flights booked at a cheeky £90 return.

Looking forward to my yearly dose of ruthless German efficiency.

That & bratwurst mit zempf.

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