The Hardest man in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by REMFQuestions, Aug 23, 2010.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Is your nickname 'Trigger'?
  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Willie Apiata destroyed the periodic table, because Willie Apiata only recognizes the element of surprise
  3. **** me you're a poster boy for the Int Corps aren't you Dogtits?
  4. The movie, Aliens versus Predator, was going to be called Aliens AND Predator versus Willie Apiata.

    They binned it cause nobody would watch a movie that only lasted 17 seconds.

    Spaz - shut your ****ing mouth unless you want to PM me your 8 digits, name and location. If not, feel free to meet me at the Ultimate Training Centre Octagon in Erdington at a day of your choosing.
  5. The Ultimate Training Centre Octagon in Erdington at a day of his choosing? Shall he bring a cutlass or pistols? Is it so he can rub meat swords in stretchy shorts on a sweaty crash matt? Is it true all Ultimate Fighters were sexually abused as nippers?
  6. Fight Fight Fight!
  7. Hahaha you ****ing spastic, here we go again are you Willie Apiata? Don't cyber roundhouse me please.

    I have visions of a myopic, pasty skinned Mr Logic, with a brummie accent drooling over pictures of soldiers on the internet.
  8. That may very well be true. I love male crotches but I have had them forced on me starting with granddad.
  9. You ****ing **** slurper.

    Please abuse me with your internet ramblings please - you utter hat non ferocious wearer.
  10. Those are not visions. They are reflections. Put your mirror down.
  11. LOL :-D

  12. I've had a look at the facilities on offer at that place, I can see the attraction for you.

    Working up a sweat with semi naked guys in the sauna and hot tub before heading down to the Chill Zone to "Relax & Chill out after a hard worklout! Chat with other gym members or watch the latest fight videos on our 50" plasma's while you enjoy an after workout protein shake !"

    You ****ing queeg.
  13. So are you coming down? Quegg...I am pretty sure I know who are. I only know one guy that uses that word in the Corps and he said he invented it. Weren't you binned on med grounds???
  14. Yeah be there at 19:00, dress sexy -x-