The Happy Christmas Thread

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by canteen_cowboy, Dec 22, 2004.

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  1. If we wish to send Crimbo greetings to all other users, please use this one save everyone searching the whole site as there must be at least half a dozen threads on the subject

  2. squirt

    squirt Guest

    Merry Christmas y'all!

    Have a great time! :D
  4. Sabre

    Sabre LE

  5. and to you arsonist :lol:
  6. Kia Ora Bro's
    Have a choice Christmas.
    May your God go with you.
    (Pinched from Dave Allen) :wink:
  7. ctauch

    ctauch LE

    Happy Christmas??? WTF CC??? It is MERRY Christmas for fcuk sake; MERRY not HAPPY get it you git :D

    So in good spam tradition MERRY FCUKING CHRISTMAS you dental hygine challanged Brits :wink:
  8. MERRY get back to your trailer park :wink:
  9. RHQ Rug-rat

    RHQ Rug-rat Old-Salt

    Merry Christmas to you all....

    And have a prosperous New Year

    Mr & Mrs Rug-rat
  10. giblackjack

    giblackjack Clanker

    Merry Christmas to Everyone here!

    Now, why in the hell are you gits arguing about teeth? 8O
  11. doctordeath

    doctordeath Old-Salt

    Merry Christmas to all you lot on ARRSE. :D From D.D. Somewhere in the Med, just off EGYPT. Currently pipe laying, with no booze, and not going home till the 26th of Jan. Have lots of drinks and think of we poor barstewards having to earn a crust over xmas!!!! :evil: :evil:

    Be Good, if you can't be good at least remember her name, if you can't remember her name, call her darling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :twisted:
  12. dui-lai

    dui-lai LE

    Merry Christmas to all.......and you too eve1962 :wink:

    If you'd like a small chipolata for Xmas dinner, then PM me please :twisted:
  13. Merry Christmas you bunch of cnuts :wink:

    If you can't be good etc.... :roll:
  14. Merry Chrsitmas you gay bast ards!

    Have a good one and good luck to all for the New Year......yes, even you Dale :lol: