The H word

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by trombone84, Aug 10, 2008.

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  1. Last night it was suggested that Colin Charvis may be the father of Charlotte Church's sprog. I don't know how we got there. I mentioned that surely it would be a little obvious, visually.
    "Because he's black, well, half-cast"
    Cue raised voice and a sad on for the rest of the evening, "I can't believe you said that, that's racist."

    Erm what??

    I appologised for my apparent transgression; for once i didn't intend to be a cunt...despite being a "sheepshagger"!

    Is this word unacceptable now?
  2. Apparently so - You have to have a crystal ball to know what you can say these days... Also see such phrases as:

    Tarred with the same brush
    Nitty Gritty
    Rule of Thumb
    Lemon Licker (Discovered the other day, o how I laughed)
  3. YES. you sir are history's greatest monster. We are all citizens of the world, and you clearly should not comment on the fact the chap is clearly a nigger. Not the done thing. :wink:
  4. Further to my last:

    One can no longer order 'black coffee' It is only to be 'coffee without milk'. This makes the distinction between those individuals who actually make beverages from ground up africans. Hope this clears up social faux pas' in future.

  5. Try inadvertently using the phrase 'nigger in the woodpile'! Even though it's a perfectly reasonable word for knotty wood and even if there's not a coloured chappie for miles, you should see the looks you get these days.

    Harumph... gone to the dogs... National Service... flogging... only language they understand.
  6. So I guess the following will have to change:

    Whiter than White.

    A whiteout (as in windblown snow)

    ---- washes whiter.

    A White Christmas (saying, weather forecast and recording)
  7. I'm dreaming of a snowy winter festival ...

    doesn't quite work does it
  8. Speaking of the 'N' word, ever since I found out they were making a remake of 'The Dam Busters' I've been wondering if Nigger the dog will be in it.

    YouTube: A Dog Called Nigger
  9. Is that why people say we have black humour?
  10. Noticed in the BBC Comedy Connections series, that the excerpt from the Black and White Minstrals is devoid of one of its famous faces.

    That really must have been the hardest editing instruction ever to arrive in the edit suite.

    Don't hear much mention of "our Colonial Friends" these days. Is this because they're not our friends anymore?

    Must go, the little Indian chappie from Tescos is here, with my Kenyan vegetables.

    Signed: Concerned of Home Counties
  11. I suppose that when we have a return to power cuts we will no longer be able to refer to a "black-out" due to it having "negative conurtations".
  12. i for one, prefer the 'say what you mean' approach.

    i beleive in calling a 'spade', a spade!!!

  13. No, this is black humour :twisted:
  14. you'll go straight to Hell for that one FlyBoy!

    Will there be any black power fisting action, happening in the next few weeks btw?
  15. I've just nearly broken my back laughing!!! :D

    Editted to add: I'm still laughing... I'm going to Hell for this one along with him!!! :twisted: