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Hi All,

MODS, please forgive me a small plug. A new Gym opened today in Chippenham, which is the brainchild of a serving soldier and an ex RAF guy who got out in Janurary. They are not sponsoring Arrse (yet, i'll work on it) but if you are in the Chippenham area (thinking of Hullavington and 21 Sigs Colerne and Corsham Garrison), and are looking for Gym membership, please consider using The Gym UK.

All details can be found on their website here.

Heres some photo's of some of the facilities. There is also a nail bar, tanning studio, sports massage is available and a hair salon opening in the next few weeks. The equipment is state of the art, and brand new.

BennyBlanco said:
Just been down to see it....looks good!!
I was there this morning (i'll go anywhere for a free GWR FM water bottle!!). Both the owners are mates of mine, and have invested alot in this venture for their post forces carears, so i though i'd give them a mention here. Your right, it does look good.
Having left the forces and knowing how hard it is to find your feet I say "best of luck" to them

Facillitys look good too, not one of those poseur gyms
Paragon said:
I'll have to give that a go when i'm home over summer.

By the way. How long did it take to think up the name?
I'm assured it took at least a naafi break!!

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