The Gym at Chicksands

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by She_Rah, Nov 19, 2005.

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  1. Any of you guys know if the Gym at Chicksands is going to be extended or improved in any way? I know there are worse gyms but ours is really starting to take the p***!
    We are the DCI afterall!

  2. Whats wrong with carpeted walls?
  3. I take it the spams took all their Gucci kit with them when they buggered off then? Bloody ingrates did the same at Brawdy.
  4. I didn't think that there was anything wrong with the gym at Chickers, the only addition to it which would be nice is a swimming pool but the ones at Henlow and Hitchen sufficed. Plus the Rowney Warren is excellent for Running/cycling. Has something been taken out of it?
  5. There is at the moment a lack of working rowing machines, it's like a Concept Erg Graveyard in there. I guess I've been spoilt by private gyms! Hemlow gym is fantastic and you can use it and it's open 24 hours if you have a pass!
  6. Get a life! More bar time, less gym time.
  7. I suggest filling it with ready mixed concrete, and using it as a hard target for Javelin.
  8. Bloody fairies. Get out and get some time done on your feet. A press-up or two won't hurt.
    Gyms are for gym queens.
  9. I am sure that this has got nothing to do with the preponderance of Crab Air PTI's on the site?

    Do they still have their own RAF PTI office block up near the QMs, where they do the RAF specific fitness consultations? The RAF PT staff also need to get their full allocation of professional development courses under their belts in time. You would not want them to be disadvantaged would you?

    Many of you Pongoes will not appreciate the additional effort required to ensure that JSPI and BAIC courses get their full allocation of fitness training per course :roll:

    After all, it is still RAF Chicksands, you army types need to wake up and smell the de-caff!
  10. Would this be the same Chicksands that I recently spent a short time at?

    The one with the superb type Z accommodation?
    The one with a fantastic NAAFI with a shop that actually stays open until 10pm?
    The one with a stunning officers' mess?
    The one with an excellent WOs' and Sgts' mess?
    The one with an all-ranks and families bar?
    The one with a Costa Coffee (I know - I was stunned too)?
    The one with a free (yes free) cinema at weekends?
    The one with probably the best landscaped gardens on any barracks in the country?
    The one where MPGS do the guarding keeping duties to an absolute minimum?
    The one that is an hour (door to door) from central London?

    .... and you are complaining that there aren't enough concept rowers when I counted 4 concept rowers in that gym only 3 weeks ago (as well as tons of other kit)? I also noticed that the six other people in the gym each evening weren't exactly queueing up for their turn on the rowers.

    Can I suggest that you put in a posting preference for Bulford and experience the reality of life in the British Army.

    Grrrr. Whingers really get my goat up.
  11. Hey chill love,

    I only said there was a lack of rowers, I am a rower and they are all broken. Even in Iraq there were plenty of working Ergs to play with!
    I love Chicksands, it's the best Camp I have been on, ( I have been around a while too before you accuse me of being a sprog)!
  12. ... and it's a while since I have been called 'love'.
  13. When I had the pleasure of visiting Chicksands last year i was amazed at how civilised it was. Didn't see the Gym but if everything else was anything to go by it was a massive improvement on Ashford. Rowing machines in the desert?.....................stunned that we have our priorities right. I can see it now:

    Lt Col Nuts - Morning Cpl, Boots fit? Mail getting through? Rations regular? Padre been round?

    Cpl Wetarse - Feckin rowing machines got sand in it Col - have my PVR form!

    Suggest you spend £939 of your well-earned on a Concept 2 (as recommended by Sir Steven Redgrave himself) and stop bloody whinging.

    Chest lighter now thanks!
  14. Blimey, are you lot sensitive! I would love to buy my own Concept but have no where to keep it! In any event I don't have the money, (this is not a whinge about the salary of the Army Soldier before you all start)!
  15. handbags... deploy.