The guts to tell the truth....Sgt Stephen Brown RM

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Nov 24, 2006.

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  2. Nice to see the snco's putting their heads above the parapet only to have it blown off by his own side
  3. Aye read the article myself in The Mail, good on him though I cant help but feel the poor fella will be stacking blankets in Lympstone before he knows whats hit him :roll: :roll:

  4. That sergeant's career is as good as over now, whereas the Lieutenant Colonel's will get a very welcome boost. That's the value of being a yes man and lying as opposed to being a real man and telling the truth.
  5. Yeah, thanks boss for backing me up. Is it true that the paras refused to go out on patrol because of the cr@p ammo they were supplied with?

    It seems clear to me who showed real leadership quality here, and it wasn't the officer. If someone asks you have you got everything you need, for God's sake speak up, you can be sure everything is swept under the carpet at the higher levels. I wouldn't care too much about my career if I thought I might die at any time because of cr@p kit. If a few more people stepped forward might just see a change in attitude.
  6. LION


  7. Very difficult. You are doing a crap job with crap equipment and the lives of you and your guys are at stake: you don't feel that COC is supporting you. A Journo asks you the pertinent question. How do you respond?
  8. The way one should always respond to journo's ..... fuk off and die !!!

    Then kick down your MP s door and and do some serious finger pointing and tell it like it is !!!
  9. Things want to be speeded up to get the tasty bit of kit out to Ghan that was at the Combined Arms Firepower & Manoeuvre Demonstation on Salisbury Plain. (Either WIMIK or tripod mounted.)

    I don't know if the full info is in the public domain yet so I'll leave it at that.
  10. Whilst I'm up for a bit of door kicking in, I think that some journos are actually helping at the moment. Getting the dramas noticed.
  11. Lovely innit???
  12. In the history of British military campaigns we have always overcome shortages of manpower and resources through discipline, courage resourcefulness and determination (apologies for the Churchillian language).

    The cost has always been the same - soldiers.

    Swiss Des has no cred with the Treasury and the AF will never be supplied to the standard they require. In any other civvie occupation there's recourse to Human Rights and Health & Safety etc. AF are not in the same category.

    None the less, hats off to Sgt Brown for speaking his mind and a hairy dogscock up the arrse to his CO.
  13. And what do they mean when when they say 'We have enough but if we had more we could do more' ? Does this mean that they need more to do the job properly. Or does it mean that we will never subdue the Taliban with what we have and therefore the campaign will go on for eternity? I always thought you overcome the opposition by overwhelming force? And why is the Secretary General of NATO pleading for more troops and equipment if we have enough? So can someone please tell me what is meant by WE HAVE ENOUGH BUT IF WE HAD MORE WE COULD DO MORE? I think a little clarification is needed!
  14. Link please read it twice canot find this!