The Gutersloh Rally Cross Club


Fancy some racing fun at the weekend? For personnel based in British Forces Germany (BFG) The Gutersloh Rally Cross Club is available for all to enjoy!


The Gutersloh Rally Cross Club was first Set up by the Royal Air Force in 1983, when Princess Royal Barracks was an active RAF Base. The aim of the club was to introduce a cheap but safe form of racing for all military personnel in Germany.

In 1993, when the Royal Air Force left Gutersloh, the Army took over the base and with the kind permission of the first Garrison Commander, Brigadier GA Ewer CBE, the Army managed to keep the Sport open.

It has taken a lot of work by predecessors and club members to update the sport to a higher degree of racing and most importantly, a safer level of car serviceability, the club now boasts a membership of 100 personnel. It has a ratio of approximately 60% German nationals and 40% military personnel. The club aims to continue to promote affordable motor sport to the Anglo, German community in and around Gutersloh for as long as is possible. It has brought the local and military community together, through regular race meetings and charitable events, such as fund raising for handicapped schools in England and Germany. The club is open to all personnel over the age of 18 who hold a clean and valid driving license.


The season consists of 12 separate race meetings held as near to the end of each month as possible on a tarmac track at Princess Royal Barracks G�tersloh. The competitors must complete 3 races against the clock, with the fastest 2 times recorded being considered for a place in the finals. A super final will be held for the fastest two cars from each class final. Team races and an endurance race also take place. Trophies are presented at the end of each race meeting, for the best three racers in each class, with many other trophies also available to be won. The points collected during the day are added to an accumulative total that determines the winner of the Overall Championship Trophy, which is presented at the end of the racing year at a presentation Party.

It is hoped that with the continued support of the Garrison Commander the club will continue to develop as the main Anglo German activity organized by the military in the Gutersloh.

For further details or to join click HERE or contact the club OIC Major Roy Baker on 0049 (0)5241 842782 Military (73) 2782.


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contact the club OIC Major Roy Baker on 0049 (0)5241 842782 Military (73) 2782.
Sounds fascinating but I am getting a long bleeping noise when I ring the first number and a sort of whooo whooo hisssss noise when I ring the second. Do you have an email addy or maybe a mobby number? Cheers.

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