The guns at batasi

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by iowman, Sep 26, 2011.

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  1. I see it's on Tuesday . Have been told it's worth a watch . Is it any good ?
  2. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    It is a good movie, typical English film making of its time with a good and fairly plausible story.

    My only gripe was the stereotyped performance by Dickie Attenborough as the RSM, a view that I know is not shared by a lot of people.

    What channel is it on?
  3. Ask Tropper he invented the Colonies.
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  4. Film 4 . 14.45
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  5. Yer that's what I thought ! Lol
  6. Battersea's in the colonies? Colonic, maybe.
  7. I loved it, thought Attenborough made the movie. From a Yank Perspective the only other actor who seemed to capture the essence of a senior British NCO was Nigel Greene in Zulu (even though the real Bourne was much younger) It's what we expect, spit and polish even in front of the enemy. My one complaint is in the US they play up that Jack Hawkins is in it, when its damn near a cameo. Just realized the Aussie was Mick Dundees old buddy.
  8. Yes watch it. There are some things you have to do in life if you are to grow up properly, such as; jumping in puddles, falling off your bike, building a secret camp, getting home late, kissing grannie and using your tongue, and so on. Well, watching some classic war films in black and white is somewhere on the list too... So watch it, it will do you good.
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  9. Dickie Attenborough teaching yer man how to salute a WO on the parade square - class
  10. Methinks you need to pay more attention. But that is the best scene of the film.

    "When you pass a commissioned officer, you don't wave your hand about like a pregnant penguin. You execute a salute in the following manner..."
    Salute scene from Guns at Batasi - YouTube

    Not a patch on Sgt Major Brittain, though. THE ARMY'S VOICE NO 1 - British Pathe
  11. My mistake - 'bows humbly'

    Excellent clip

    And Mia Farrow, getting all hot around the gusset with a tunnel king from The Great Escape if i'm not further mistaken
  12. A little touch of the "Johnny Remember Me", whilst she's at it.
  13. I see the film is on again today (12 July 2016) at 16:40 on Film 4. Don't be lare or RSM Lauderdale will have YOU!
  14. One of my favourite films

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  15. Saw it in my youth and a few times more over the past few years.

    The cinematography got an award of some-sort which I found interesting. When I checked it out, I found that it was made entirely in the UK and the B&W african vista and indoor scenes (the Mess for instance) was down to the lighting effects and the cine-film quality, plus the African bongo music in the background. Notta lotta people know that.

    It's a good good film, and I managed to get the DVD some time ago.

    In its time, quite topical too. In the film, Flora Robson was the visiting MP (The draw-down of the British Army from former colonies was a real issue at the time the film is portrayed). It isn't clear what party she represented but the thick northern accent gives it away immediately. The underlying message has resonance and seemed to shout "we're labour and we think defence is too bloody expensive....still, we'll try and keep you all employed in training darkies.....". Any ideological similarities to the present day loyal opposition are pure conjecture of course.

    The film is up there in the top 10 B&W pissing down Sunday afternoon collection. Attenborough is a bit over the top as the RSM of course (he actually spent some time in Pirbright researching the role and getting some practical instruction), but Jack Hawkins got the CO down to a "T" which came as no surprise he was superb in everything he did.

    Quite how a naval bofors (I think) gun came to stationed in an inland african garrison was, at the time, quite beyond me. However, decades later in Sierra Leone I learned that nothing should surprise any military visitor to the dark continent.
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