The Guiness challange.

An Englishman has completed a profitable deal in Dublin and is taking all his Irish business friends round a number of pubs. The party gets to a typical little pub and Bill, the English guy issues a challenge to all the local drinkers. "If any man here can drink ten pints of Guinness, each straight after the other, I will give him £100, pay for the ten pints of Guinness and buy everyone here a drink as well. If he doesn't succeed, he will pay for the Guinness he has drunk and also buy a round for everyone here.
There were no takers, one man even left the bar. Bill shouts. "I thought that all Irishmen were good drinkers. I also understood that they are gambling men. It looks like I was wrong on both accounts." There were sullen looks and muttering amongst the locals. Bill says. "Just kidding and having a bit of fun, guys."

Just then the local who had left earlier returned and said."Oi'll take that challenge guv." There were cheers all round and Bill gave the Landlord the £100 stake to hold.
The Landlord pulled the first pint and the local steadily downed it, wiped his mouth and carried on with the next pint of Guinness..and the next...and the next....all without a pause. By the time he had downed the ninth pint, the place was in uproar. The local lads were cheering him on at the top of their voices. When he was finishing the tenth pint, the roof was shaking with the roar of the now considerable crowd.

When things had settled down and all had ordered their free drinks, Bill says to the winner. "THAT was amazing, I have never heard of anyone even coming close to doing the ten pints, let alone drinking the lot in under twenty minutes. I still can't believe it. Just tell me one thing though, why did you leave the pub when I issued the challenge?"

The winner replied. "Well, to be truthful, Oi've never done dat before, so Oi tried it out at the pub over the road first."

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