The Guatanemo 3 - are we (joe public) paying for them?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by headgear, Dec 20, 2007.

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  1. I'm just wondering how much its costing us to prosecute AND defend these guys.

    I mean as far as I can see they're not and never have been full UK residents. Surely we should deport them ASAP.

    I can't imagine how much it costs to send police and civil servants to collect them, hold them in nick and probably (I assume) pay for their lawyers.

    We must be the softest country in the World!!!
  2. Evil thoughts!!!
  3. We appear to be extraditing one of them to Spain already. Good ridence. One down 2 to go.

    Don't let Annakey see this thread. He thinks we should pay for them to have legal aid and sue Uncle Sam.
  4. No, because Aussie barmen work and pay taxes!
  5. Can I jump in here?
    cpunk, where are you when a thread needs holing?
    C'mon its been here a few minutes now, just hole it without any reason or just make one up like you usually do.
    Oh yes, its not military, or is it?

    You know, nowadays I think I am just becoming a troll on arrse......I really should get out more.
  6. Dear oh dear
    read the thread title,are we paying for them? Of course we are! We pay for anyone, apart from local taxpayers, responsible immigrants, old people from this country, Ghurkas who've served this country.

    If you want to get free cash from this government get onto the Livingstone,Hains guest list, and all will be given to you :evil: