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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by dogbiscuits, May 29, 2009.

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  1. Hello, all.

    I've lurked around on here for a while hoping to find some information I'm after. But since I've had no luck in finding it, I have decided to ask for myself.

    What run time, amount of heaves, press-ups and sit-ups are required for the Guards? Whatever they are I intend to top it, but I just want something as a reference. I'm going on the 'insight' course in a few days and I'd like to hear from anyone who has been on it already. Also, I hear something of an essay and a... number puzzle? All seemed very odd to me, anyway, any help is appreciated. Sorry if this is a repost of a question asked a million times. I looked thoroughly before I posted.

  2. Good CO

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  3. i am joining the Guards and start at the ITC on sunday there is no set number of heaves and you don't get tested on the press-ups and sit-ups at ADSC, the run time you have to achieve is under 10:30
  4. Yes, I saw that. But my recruiter informed me that the Guards are very picky. So I was hoping for more detailed information.

    Thanks. How was your run? And how many heaves did you manage?
  5. this i think is a bit of an urban myth from times of old, the entry standards for the guards are no different to any other Infantry regiment
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    Good CO LE Admin

    The guards are the same as any other infantry.
  7. So he was just talking it up? I see. Well, my run is 10:45 at the moment. So I think I'll manage.
  8. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    I'm sure you will, but with 10:45 you would do well to get out training - that's actually pretty poor. It won't take much effort to get that down.
  9. yeah to be honest you should be aiming well below that, i got about 9:55- 10 mins
  10. yeah he should, but he has got the time, and if he uses it wisely he will be ablee to get it down there.
  11. What's all this business about an essay and number puzzle? Anyone here been through the course? Also, when doing the heaves, are you allowed to have your feet crossed and knees bent?

  12. Apart from The Paras :wink:
  13. I hear Paras that actually deploy and do their job on ops are even tougher.
  14. anyone going to the insight course for the coldstream guards on the 9th of june?
  15. Actually that is completely wrong, it has never been under 10.30 to get into the Infantry, that is the time you must be under as a trained soldier.

    Up until recently the time you needed to get under 'officially' at ADSC was 12 minutes, anything over that and you were deemed as too unfit to commence training.

    The 3 week SPC course was brought in to allow applicants running around 12 minutes to enter training but only after they had been brought up to speed as it were, although this has also been cancelled in the last 3 weeks.

    So now, the time you must be under to pass for the Infantry is 12.45.

    With that in mind, under 10.30 is what you should be aiming for, anyone that thinks 12.45 is acceptable and cruises along thinking that they will be okay because they have passed ADSC they will be fine in training is in for a rough time, you can either be in the fit club and up the front where you get noticed but never moaned at, or you can be in the fat club, at the back and get noticed because everyone is screaming at you to get your arse to the front ;)

    So under 10.30 is where you need to be, not where the Army need you to be for ADSC :)