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The Guards....they lash in comfort!

Fallschirmjager said:
They have the same at 47AD RLC, though obviously without the cap badges!
I think they got their Master Tailor to do it! They've got a big goose in a glass case which would be a top prof if you could fit it under your coat!
vampireuk said:
jack-daniels said:
vampireuk said:
Have they still got a certain flag kicking around? :)
The one from WW II or the big huge Colours one? If so, yes to both.
The WW II, I hear they end up taking it down now and again to make sure people do not get offended. :D
Ha! Funnily enough I've got a picture of me with it.....best not post it or people will think I'm a Nazi.

Good story and medal collection with it as well.
Fallschirmjager said:
comedy dave said:
you live on site of the Battle of Hastings? is it cold on senlac hill?
Some bastard nicked me hauberk so it's freezing! I've been sat here since Oct 15 1066 waiting for the Normans! I wasn't late was I? :D
Their Twitter account says they're stuck in a tunnel on a EuroStar.

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