The Guardian's version of the three little pigs.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by cadethopefull, Mar 1, 2012.

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  1. Thought I should share this don't know If its been done before but here goes. The three little pigs should have gone to jail for killing the big bad wolf, as killing a person in defence of personal property is never justified.

    However when it transpires that the three little pigs framed the big bad wolf for blowing two houses down, so they could collect the insurance, its no longer the pigs fault as they did it to keep up with the mortgage, so it is the evil bankers fault!

    So Guardians logic:

    murder in defence of property and personal safety - The three little pigs are eeeviilll!!

    murder in the course of framing someone for criminal damage and insurance fraud - Banks are evil, reform is needed.

    Guardian open journalism: Three Little Pigs advert - video - YouTube

    ...oh dear
  2. Nowhere does it say 'Post meaningless drivel in here'.
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  3. I'd go with option c - it's an advert you skip licking ******* pikey.
  4. Im sorry ive caused such horrific trauma, Im sure a mod will come along to lock this soon
  5. Don't bank on it ;-)
  6. House rules?
  7. news, chat and gossip? gossib in itself is meaningless drivel
  8. Is the Grauniad still in business?
  9. Well, I think it's a clever, thought-provoking add. The narrative looks at a variety of aspects of the nursery story, within a contemporary setting.

    Ob B*llocks, it's friday afternoon. Time for the 4 muinutes commute home...
  10. No wonder this country is in the shit.Workshy bastards like you and POETS.You should stay and do five hours freee overtime for the good of the country!
  11. no one is denying it is clever, it is also very cleverly filmes, but its just quite amusing how it contains snippets of the guardian's agenda, starts with condemning the pigs for protecting their property, ends with "Banking reform needed".
  12. I thought it was very cleverly done, my mrs said, "woopy doo, its the guardian advert" I watch no telly.

    To the OP you have posted a link, no more no less.