The Guardian - Soldiers and Airman unemployed by 2020

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Crouch_and_Hold, Jan 10, 2010.

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  1. Some deluded wannabe with his own crystal ball, talking balls more like, reckons soldiers can be replaced by UAVs which makes pilots surplus to requirements.
    Linky and scroll down a bit.

    Still as long as Ian's got a job as a 'futurist' with BT we'll all be safe. Cork.
  2. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    2020? Thank fuck for that. My run-out date is in 2015 :D
  3. Yep and we'll all working from home, living on the moon, riding hover cars, eating meals in pill form.....

    Tomorrow's World lied to me.
  4. I find it amusing how on the one hand they're suggesting we'll need exo-skeleton technicians that "design wearable robots that assist and protect soldiers [snip]," while simultaneously suggesting soldiers are going out of fashion...

    Get off that fence, it jags your arse...
  5. Don't forget jet boots. We were promised jet boots!
  6. Me too july 2015
  7. You're both fcuked - the world ends in 2012, remember? :wink:
  8. be good if the guardian no longer existed in 2020...
  9. Network enabled warfare, its the future!
  10. Great :roll:

  11. We all know this is bollox! But don't forget there are people out there that think the matrix is real, they have seen Bruce Willis run through broken glass and still be able to fight with shredded feet. These people think you can make bomb proof vehicles, they think you can solve crime like they do in CSI. these people think you can fight a nice clean war.These people are idiots and they are in power, so you never know
  12. At least we will still get our Diamond Jubilee Medal in June 2012, As long as the worl ending is anytime from July onwards.
  13. Unless the Army gets shafted again like last time :roll:
  14. Utter sh1te.

    Who flys the UAVs (they ain't robots are they?) so the pilots just end up sitting in a hanger.

    And 'Urainium recycler' converting warheads to nuclear fuel? We already have them by another name (probably).

    'Farmer Agricultural entrepreneur as skilled in genetics as in marketing.' So Farmers don't know anything about genetics now? THey just let the sheep/cows etc sh4g willy nilly and don't remove the weaker animals from the gene pool.
  15. Ah network disabled capability, ye cannae whack it!