The Guardian Just Cant Help Itself......

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by miles_gloriosus, May 13, 2010.

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  1. Utterly without irony:

    (Hat tip to Holborn).

    The Conservatives did put up ethnic minority candidates; in the main, they were not returned. As I seriously doubt this was for race reasons (they were largely contesting traditionally Labour areas with relatively high minority populations), I suspect that was because the people thought that their elected representative was the best for them.

    If the people are allowed to pick the best person for the job, why can't the cabinet be established on similar lines?

    This obsession with diversity is, I think, another good reason not to implement PR - who dare put up a party list that doesn't broadly conform to census breakdown?
  2. Frankly I couldn't give a toss what the genetic make-up of the Cabinet is.
    I am purely interested in the abilities and the integrity of its members.
    I was quite pleased yesterday to see that race or sex evidently played little part inwho got which job, long may it remain so.

    I think the Guardian may soon find that nobody gives a toss about political correctness when the needs of the country are so great.
  3. Another feminist Journo complaining there's not enough females in the Cabinet, whats new.
  4. Complete nonsense from start to finish.
  5. It is all complete nonsense, but then she was given a space to fill and, bless her, this was the best she could come up with.

    Because it really is just rubbish - you don't actually have to BE a horse to know how to look after one.
  6. I'll give you even money the Guardian wont exist in 5 years
  7. depends if a Russian buys it...
  8. Maybe less than that if the state cuts its recruitment advertising spend. The Guardian gets an awful lot of it.
  9. Right, so make more "ethnic" minorities and females available. You could end up with Jacqui Smith, Hazel Blears or Keith Vaz! And didn't Ruth Kelly do well?
    Surely picking the right person for the right job matters more than the sex or ethnicity? I doubt it will happen but let's hope this new lot kicks PC into touch.
    I remember Cheltenham some time back, fairly strong (ish) Conservative seat until head office decided to foist an unknown, untried candidate on them who happened to be black. Place has been LibDem ever since.
    And many years ago, Conservatives tried to put celebs (D list and below) onto areas to try and garner the X Factor vote. That didn't work either.
  10. love it

    "I can't take seriously comments like this from a paper that gets 90% of it's staff from Oxford and Cambridge - if you don't really give a shit about diversity in your own organisation who cares what you think about it anywhere else?

    The Guardian is washed up and tired."
  11. I read the article with interest. It always annoys the hell out of me when a half-decent looking bird like the author, who's probably got a cracking pair of baps, wastes her time by bothering her pretty-little head about all this "feminist" and "Diversity" B*ll*cks, when she should be at home, wearing stockings and suspenders and getting her blokes tea ready. Hopefully this will all change now that we have a new Government.
  12. Totally agree, the other 10% go to Goverment departments and make prats of themselves. How dare they extract the michael from the Pope!
  13. I fcuking hate all Guardian articles. Left wing isn't the way to describe them... they're utterly clueless total morons.
  14. I don't care whether they are male, female, black, brown, white, hetero or homosexual, or even a combination of the above just so long as they CAN do the job. For 13 years we've had PC shoved down our throats. So for a change can we just have the best person to the appropriate job,,,,,,,,please.

  15. Gosh are we allowed to do that, this best person for the job stuff, doesn't that mean no more Gordons!