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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by murff576, Jun 28, 2009.

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  1. This is NOT the start of a Walt hunt, but I know I can get the answers on here..
    Had an interesting chat with an older chap after the parade yesterday and was talking to him about his medals. he had the GSM with NI bar but beside it he had exactly the same ribbon but with 3 bars, 1 was Malaya, 1 was Borneo and I think the other was Aden.
    I commented on this and told him I thought the latter should be on a ribbon with the same colours but in reverse and he insisted that he was correct.
    I did not push the issue but added that the wearing of his Germany Service medal with the white ribbon incorporating the Red Gold and Black brightened the range up somewhat!
    Am I correct in thinking that he was wrong to be wearing 2 GSM's with those bars?
  2. If it's not a walt hunt, maybe you should post somewhere else instead? Plenty of medal discussions elsewhere.
  3. The NI clasp should be on the same GSM as Borneo etc
  4. More than likely the GSM pre 1962. It's colours are reversed.
  5. Yes, but Borneo is GSM 62 so NI would be on that same as Radfan Aden etc
  6. You're right. I just read the post again and realised I'd read it wrong!!
  7. List of GSM 1918 and 1962 and the Bars


  8. Thanks all, but although I was wrong in my own mind about the ribbon I was correct in that he should not be wearing two!
    I have had time to think more clearly and recollect that and one of the other medals was for TA service. What I did not mention earlier was that he was ex IG.
    To the best of my recollection, Irish named regiments did not serve in NI per se although individuals may have been attached to other regts to make up numbers.
    Was that a myth or fact?
  9. could he have been UDR that would account for the two gongs
  10. My second gong is identical to my GSM NI however there is a thin orange stripe running down the centre of it. Would appear identical at first glance though.
  11. What do's one expect he's on Service pals, They keep telling me there was no such unit as JLR RAC
  12. Fact, we (SG) took a number of IG lads out with us, they wore our cap star, but simply joined our platoons as extra bods. Great to see the looks they got from Seamus Public when they started questioning them.
  13. I have gone antipodean.....and whilste trying to comply with their Dress regs I was informed I had my medals in the wrong order........funny that, 22 years in the British Army and no-one noticed, incidently 23 years and 2 armies and I may yet get an LS&GC :twisted:
  14. It's not unusual for GSMs to be double issued - especially if he left and rejoined. The clasps for Borneo, Aden (South Arabia/Radfan) and Malaya (Malayan Peninsula) are correct for the GSM62. The irony is that if he re-mounted the clasps on to one medal then it would be worth significantly more to a collector than a double issue in all probability.
  15. Ok chaps, thanks for the info.
    I hoped he wasn't wearing false medals as he seemed a decent chap but reading this thread sort of makes you think twice about what you see.
    Glad I have not accused him straight away of being a Walt until I got things straight in my own mind.
    Case dismissed.....