The GSCE course for schoolgirls thinking of having a baby

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by dangerousdave, Apr 15, 2009.

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  1. its almost like a reward or something. they may as well put a poster up at the school gates saying "not doing well or bored at school? get preggers and we'll give you a free house and pay for you and your child for next 5 years" and dont worry we wont give you a pep talk or hard time - in fact we'll open our arms and bend over backwards to your every wish.

    whilst adult taxpayer couples try for years and pay a fortune in ivf or other treatments etc to try and have a child!!?? broken, lab gov't = jokers and time a gov't grew some balls and delt with issues like this and many others. problem is we live in a ultra PC and wrap em in cotton wool sociaity. NHS staff are too scared to hammer home a few home truths in fear of litigation or the sack, or they give the excuse of we not there to judge etc - bollocks :x

    "Teenage girls will be offered a GCSE-level qualification in being a young parent.
    Those who are 'considering becoming pregnant' or are so already will learn about caring for newborn babies, breastfeeding, family finances and how to deal with toddler tantrums."
  2. So boys/fathers are exempt then, and by inference are not needed as part of family life.

    Surely time and money would be better invested in prevention and education, especially one in responsibility of parenting.
  3. They want young fathers to get involved, its examined by coursework, and part of the course is breastfeeding... best of luck chaps.

    Its about time that kids learned that actions have consequences.

    I'm starting to think the victorians had the right idea with workhouses.
  4. Did anyone watch episode 2 of The Hospital on C4 last night? it was a shocking insight into current attitudes of young people who think that its perfectly ok to have no personal or moral responsibilties 8O

    There's even footage of a 17 year old girl chain smoking outside the hospital whilst waiting to go into labour not giving fcuk. One girl is asked if she thinks its ok for taxpayers to pay for her and her baby, to which she replies "well, yeah, coz my baby could be next prime minister innit and my kid will be paying his taxes when hes older ya get me" :roll:
  5. Why shouldn't they have babies as young teenagers?

    They get free housing and lots of benefits.

    If the Government and society as a whole are stupid enough to put up with these little slags then good luck to them.

    Personally i'd shoot them and their babies.
  6. Did have a "conversation" with a parent of a soon to be young parent, I asked did you consider a termination or talk about contreception with your daughter, got the no the Catholic church is immoral.......
    I then offered that the same church would have frowned on the act in the first place as being out of wedlock, lead to original sign, got the you wouldn't... not being a Catholic etc she then stormed off to another dose of Jeremy Kyle
  7. If only it were possible to sterilise all girls and then, only when they can prove that they have the financial means and maturity to breed, reverse the process. Alternatively, castration of all Chavs.
  8. I to watched that. Feck me, the attitudes of those chav inbreds.
    Funny bit in it, although wholly serious of the endemic attitude of some of todays yoof, was when the Paediatrician said that "you should a local anesthetic and not be put under when you have your baby", the young mother said "but i have needlephobia"! To which the Dr replied "so how come you have had facial piercings and your tongue pierced?" :roll:
  9. Coupled with teh 50 hours community service idea, froma nother thread. Surely a good start.

    Proper education of what is requried of a parent is surely going to help.

    Ultimately, however to prevent the current scurge of chav mums, we need to look at the reason why it is seen as a good career move to spalsh kids around the street.
  10. My favourite line was "I haven't drank since I was pregnant all I've done is smoke my fags."
  11. I think the underlying issue is a lack of education prior to commitance by the individual to have a baby....

    To that end I am looking for suitably qualified instructors to join me in my latest business venture involving 4 portacabins located in the woods behind Matchams Racecourse near Ringwood, a selection of mattress's and divan beds, a solar shower and a mix tape of hard house on permanent repeat....simples really, the confused young maidens tip up at 'chez kappa' after a referral by a number of sympathetic Asian doctors I have on the payroll, brief course intro follows, mandatory imbibing of cider and valium, do's and dont's, actions on ect ect, few wets, then into the portacabins to undertake the singular most greatest lesson a young maiden should know....that semen goes EVERYWHERE but IN the vagina !

    Pay is gash but there are biscuits provided. CVs please.
  12. Why all girls? There's already a reversible process for males.
  13. Soggy ones?
  14. Bit like all those teenagers who do a GCSE business studies and become a Chairman of the Board before they become adults? Or those doing GCSE biology who start breeding anthrax before they can drive? There are a shed load of skills and qualifications you aquire as a teenager that arn't intended to be used until later in life. Better they learn parenting lessons in a captive environment then we trust that the older but feckless will take themselves to parenting classes as adults. Maybe then I wouldn't be treated to some tw@t with an earing screaming "STOP CRYING YOU LITTLE BENDER!!" at his three year old girl, as I was in ASDA last week.