The Grid

In a similar vein to the Crisis command thread in the Naafi. This is showing on BBC 2 tomorrow night, at 2100.

BBC2 said:
The Grid
Tue 7 Sep, 9:00 pm - 10:30 pm 90mins

From a chemical bomb let off in London to a terror alert in a New York subway and multiple bombings in Lagos - The Grid portrays the activities of two very different groups, a terrorist cell and the intelligence team formed to stop them.

Set across four different continents, this three part series follows Maren Jackson's (Julianna Margulies), as she brings together agents from the CIA, FBI, M15 and M16 to find the terrorists behind the London attack.

Meanwhile a young Muslim doctor, Raghib Mutar must decide how far he is willing to go for his faith when Muhammed the ex-Al Quaeda general behind the plot starts recruiting for another horrifying attack.
So will it be

a) Predictable toss
b) A well informed look at the delicate state of global affair today
c) More New Labour scaremongering.
If this is the same program by the same name as is shown over here, you can expect the Americans to be saving NYC / the world several times over, with each of the agents having a direct hotline to the president, who is always available to answer the phone.......

If you switch off your brain it keeps you entertained, not much more.
Well made rubbish
I found some of it particularly reallistic. In the second edition the boy from east london, who gets arrested and imprisoned, has all the potential of a long term deep plant informant.

True to life, he gives the brits the vital information, is clearly identifiable as the source; imprissoned next, then killed by his own kind.

who says art does not immitate life??

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