The Grey Fergie Weep'athon Thread

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by rooster_teeth, Apr 17, 2013.

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  1. Just to take it away from the dog botherers thread,

    Go on then you weeping gusset, off you go the stage is yours :)
  2. If you don't mind, I'm planning on viewing from the sidelines whilst stroking my average sized penis.

    I'll be lying on my back and trying to catch the resultant ejaculate in my mouth, face and eyes.
  3. Can I start with the case for the defence? It's not our cuddly Mr Shitehawk, God love him and his cheery penis stroking ways.
  4. I'm complete.
  5. Fuck me, I didn't know you were one of my logins as well Jarrod!

    No wonder I love shotgunning spunk so much!
  6. I now count three threads were twats have suddenly appeared......someone call Mulder and Scully, there is is a mysterious invasion of twats, and they seem to be multiplying.
  7. Try a pillow in the small of your back it just gives the elevation to turn belly jelly into face cream.

    Sent from my sticky semen stained digits.
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  8. Leave them dogs alone.
  9. My sympathy goes out to anyone lacking the stones to shoot their own dog. It must be awful being a fucking coward.
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  10. If you're limber and/or fit enough, 'cycling' your legs over your head like you're starring in a 1980s fitness video while enjoying a bit of self rape allows you to enjoy a satisfying facial.

    So I'm told.
  11. Of course you could just smear your pud in strawberry jam and get your dog to lap away at your helmet until you blow your load

    Avoid Butchers Tripe Mix though as frankly that's just perverted
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  12. Nice thread.

    Now fucking slit your throat you "hilarious" sockpuppet.
  13. Who took the fucking jam out of your doughnut ? Lost your prayer beads again ?
  14. Well that's not very friendly.

    Or accurate.
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  15. And you can piss off you filthy alcoholic.
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