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The Green Slime song

The Corps deserves this anthem. It should be sung at weddings, funerals, passing-out parades. The words lend themselves to chorusing via Zoom and other gizmos.

“What can it be; what is the reason?
Is this the end to all the seasons?
Is this just something in your head?
Would you believe it when you’re dead?
You’ll believe it when you find
something screaming across your mind …green slime!”

(to play, copy this and paste it into your address bar)

Once heard, never forgotten, this song will worm its way into your psyche like… well… green slime. Enjoy!

Now exercise your minds with the full movie.

(to play, copy this and paste it into your address bar)

I thought we already had one

I have also heard Corps members singing both these tuneful ditties (I may have sung the first one myself on occasion)

and perhaps more worryingly

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The One Squadron song:

"My name is Jack
diddle iddle iddle iddle
I'm a necrophiliac
diddle iddle iddle iddle
I fuck dead women....."
Sorry, missed out some of the lyrics first time round. New technology baffles pissed old hack.

Open the door you'll find the secret
To find the answer is to keep it
You'll believe it when you find
Something screaming 'cross your mind
Green slime
What can it be, what is the reason
Is this the end of all that breathes, and
Is it something in your head?
Will you believe it when you're dead?
Green slime, green slime, green slime.


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To be enjoyed with the theme tune to the Corps.
In my day it was "Backstabbers" by the O'Jays