The Green Light warning

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Crazy_FOO, Jun 7, 2007.

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  1. Can anyone airborne help me out?

    I would like to give a German Fallschirmjäger a presentation. Does anyone know the wording to our Green Light warning you get read out by the chalk comd before a jump.

    The one that goes "You are about to carry out a parachute descent etc etc"

  2. You are about to carry out a parachute descent.
    You are to jump when the green light is displayed.
    Failure to do so constitutes disobeying a direct order and disciplinary action will be taken against you.
    In the event of the green light failing to operate the number 1 will be dispatched on order of the PJI.
    You are to follow in your stick order and carry out a parachute descent.
    Failure to do so constitutes disobeying a direct order and disciplinary action will be taken against you.

    There you go,enjoy Paperchase.
  3. Thanks buddy.
  4. I remember doing my German Para course with 272 Fallschirmjaeger Bn and when their green light came on it was accompanied by a bloody loud hooter going off! Made me jump out of the door in fright!
  5. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    The_Duke shivers, goes slightly sweaty palmed and feels the need to pish up the side of the Rubb hangar.
  6. Does anyone know if anybody did refuse after getting their wings? I remember a couple of blokes refusing the balloon on our basic jumps, they missed the balloon with the rest of us and did a Herc jump first then bottled it on the balloon when they went to do it. Can't remember hearing of anyone jacking in the Bde.
  7. Will has been replaced by may.
  8. Did you have to sing a little song on the tarmac first? We all sang something - I think it was about 're-invading Poland and getting it right this time'. Then we sat in a bumpy Transall while some charming Belgian para-commandos threw up over everybody, and then the hooter went off like a bloody stuka incoming.

    I was heavier than the hun who went out in front of me, so we slid off one another all the way down, bellowing abuse at each other. Happy days.

    They weren't too worried about windspeeds either, IIRC... I went for a drag across the DZ at about 30mph...
  9. No, but I do remember singing them the English version of the Fallschirmjaeger song, the one about invading Crete, they were quite impressed and thought we were all neo-Nazis!!
  10. Replaced by what?( oh i do love an airborne thread....)
  11. Did all my jumps with the boxheads from a CH-53 :D we had an intro on thier chutes (T-10's) the day before, choppered to the DZ the morning after, draw and fit, jump. Got 4 or 5 jumps in on the one day and the final one a day or two later. Good hosts the krauts.

    Chumpycheeks...........thought you were Rifles (or LI / RGJ as was) how did you wangle yourself on the jumps course?
  12. On our wings parade they had us all formed up, Yanks, Cloggies and Belgies and they all presented the German hosts with plaques etc, due to an oversight on our SNCO's behalf we had fcuk all to give them, then one of the blokes remembered he had an airborne tie in his bag (we went on ABF weekend) so we presented them with a tie that still had a knot in it. The looks on their faces was priceless!
  13. We didn't sing any songs but we did have to respond as loudly as possible to the despatcher's shout of 'gluck' with 'ab' (this being repeated three times) before moving from the box (pen) onto the aircraft.
  14. We were just reminiscing about the audible warning on the Transall this weekend! Almost brought me out of my usual pre-jump "scared? Who me? No..." coma!
  15. I noted a couple of refusals in my unit.One was a tom who's best mate had been killed in a preceeding jump.The other was an officer,on my basic Abingdon course,who refused on the first(balloon)jump,and we had to go down again,to let him off.As a lowly tom,that worried me a bit,as I was next,so I just closed my eyes and went!